It’s been a busy but good weekend. Yesterday was Sunflower’s 4th birthday, so Gary and I got up early to get everything ready while she was still sleeping. Gary went to the store for balloons, and I stacked up her presents in the dining room, then wrestled with the “Happy Birthday” banner. While I was balancing precariously on a chair (damn vaulted ceilings), trying to hang the banner across the entry to the dining room, my insane and short-circuited kitten Sylvester decided the other end of the banner was excellent chasing material. I had to get it back from him about 3 times before the banner was successfully suspended from the ceiling and out of his reach.

Gary came home with a gigantic bouquet of helium balloons. He said a woman saw him in the store with all the “happy birthday” balloons and asked him whose birthday it was today. When he told her, she said her grand-daughter would be turning 6 soon, but she lost her in a car accident. A rainbow of bright balloons was from her, for Sunflower. The kids are too young to really understand the gesture, but I hope that woman knows how much they enjoyed the balloons, and how much I ended up thinking of her and hoping she is okay.

Our new neighbor came over for the party, and she brought her 18-month old daughter, who became one of the kids’ favorite toys in the house. It’s funny to watch kids with a younger child, and the way they imitate adults, trying to take care of the littler ones. This particular little girl couldn’t go anywhere without one of the other kids trying to pick her up and move her around like a baby doll, but it’s all even, because she trailed the cats all around the house in a similiar fashion.

When her mom went outside to take a phone call, the 18-month-old came up to me and lifted her arms up in the universal sign for “Hey, pick me up”. I held her and watched her take in everything around her, not missing a thing. Her mom was visibly upset when she came back in, and she started telling me about the divorce she is going through, and the mind games and BS her ex is dishing out. Guess there’s one in every divorce, the one who can’t grow up, put the kids first, and resist the impulse to be a selfish jerk. It’s pathetic and senseless.

We dug out the Halloween decorations last night. So much for their scare factor; the kids wanted to play with them, pretend the skeleton was talking, have conversations with the ghosts, etc. All of the decorations now have names and family histories. I’ll feel slightly guilty putting them back into boxes after Halloween.

In the restaurant bathroom Friday night, I was helping A wash her hands when a lady at the sink beside us turned to us and asked, “Oh, is she yours?” Nah, found her in the parking lot. Finders keepers, right? Parenting is more about your actual skills and mindset than biology, more than sperm donation and having a womb-for-rent for 9 months.

Weekends go by so fast! This week is promising to be just as busy. At least I’m still popular, as I see someone with a Poland IP address was searching “smirking cat” yesterday on Google (at 10:56 AM, to be exact, my time) and landed here. An awful lot of work for a blog with (at the time) one sole entry!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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