Princess Vomitus

I saw a costume similiar to this one (but nicer) while we were shopping for Halloween costumes over the weekend. We just watched a special about Queen Nefertiti, so I was drawn to the Queen of the Nile costume. It wouldn’t take much adjustment to get into character, issue commands, dole out punishment for infractions against my decorum, and such.

Every year I’m dismayed by the selection (or lack thereof) of costumes for little girls. Stroll past the pirates, wizards, ghosts, skeletons, knights, and other adventurer/hero costumes for boys, and BAM, you hit that wall of nauseating pink fluff: ballerinas, princesses, brides, fairies. *Puke.* Even more contemptible is the absolute lack of imagination on the part of parents who buy this crap. “Oh, look, sweetie! Do you want to be a princess?”

Good call, trite and insipid parental figure. There will only be about 5 million other little girls dressed as lame princesses. “Ooh, don’t you look adorable dressed as a socially-accepted icon of female passivity?” Fluttering eyelashes, stupid smile. And the little girl who was playing with the far cooler Army costume or skeleton mask is steered toward that sea of pink, fluffy netting, poofy skirts, and glitter. Yep. And the poor girl who is treated like a helpless nothing all year round has just another day in paradise. Damn, what a shaft!

Speaking of female passivity…I am trying out a new kickboxing class this evening. Hi-ya! It’s been a while since I was in kickboxing, so my primary goal this evening is to avoid needing to be scraped off the floor with a spatula. If my lungs don’t collapse and I am able to walk out on my own volition (and my own still-fuctioning legs), night #1 will be a success.
My hockey team plays the New York Rangers tonight. After the frustrating and agonizing defeat they made me suffer through the other night, they owe me a good game (and a victory) tonight!


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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One Response to Princess Vomitus

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love the costume observations. We’re a little off the beaten path here, too. All of the kids (both girls and boys) were vampires last year, complete with pasty white faces and dripping blood everywhere. When the crew is at The Egg Donor’s they get the fluffy pink crap. We’ve had lots of different things, and I wouldn’t mind if they picked out the fluffy pink themselves, but it’s not historically been their choice. Horses? Yes. Vampires? Yes. Star Wars characters? Yes. Princesses? Not so much.

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