Happy Halloween!

Today I am dressed up as a person who is disgruntled with the world, has an obscene fascination with hockey, and thinks my cat should be President. Who am I? Who am I? Give up?

The Lightning play tonight, not sure how much of the game I will catch. This week has been so busy, and the house shows it. My obsessive-compulsive nature will have to choose between hockey and a clean, orderly living space…ahhh, cleaning can wait until tomorrow, eh?

So much going on right now, and none of it very good. I am accused often of being pessimistic and negative, but I look around and see how people are treating each other, cut-throat selfishness obliterating all reason and sense, not caring who they hurt (adult, child or otherwise), so long as they score their point and can gloat and marinate in their hateful spite. Based on what is happening around me, I am realistic, not negative.

No one wore a costume to work today. This isn’t the most festive crowd. Gary and I got 2 bags of candy last night in case we get trick-or-treaters, though I haven’t seen any children in our neighborhood, just gap-toothed redneck hicks and a loud-mouth heifer up the street with whom I have already shared my opinion, which she valued greatly…I could tell. Oh wait, I did spot 2 children in the neighborhood. They were occupied at the moment jumping from car roof to car roof in their driveway. This entire area just seems like varying states of hillbilly country.

Right now I’m listening to a CD that Gary and the kids made for me. The first song is “Delirious” by Prince. I challenge you to sit still while that song is on! We don’t.

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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