Khabibulin, we miss you!

How much cash would it take to convince Nikolia Khabibulin to ditch Chicago and come back to the Tampa Bay Lightning? Tampa could add a sales tax to help fund the mission. A goalie who can stop the puck would be a great addition to the team, but by now I’d settle for a goalie who stays in the general vicinity of the net. In last night’s fiasco against the New Jersey Devils, both Holmqvist and Denis appeared to be off knitting socks, doing crossword puzzles, anything but goaltending. Not that the rest of the team is up for player of the game awards. If giving the puck away is an act of charity, the Lightning are the most altruistic team in the NHL.

Last night’s game was downright pathetic. The Lightning fans who actually paid to be there, should have their tickets refunded. There were a few fights, and that added some amusement factor since hockey players in all their gear, balancing on skates, rather resemble fat penguins tottering around, trying to swipe at each other before they fall down. Gary practically ruptured an internal organ laughing at a Lightning player who fell down, or as he eloquently put it: “He just got his ass kicked.” Sure, stomp me while I’m already down and my team is getting trounced.

Andre Roy decided if you can’t beat them….then literally beat them. He checked one Devil into the wall, then minutes later took a swing at another Devil’s eye. I admit I cheer when a fight breaks out during a game, but Roy was just having tantrums because they were losing so damn bad. He may as well take up deep-breathing exercises to calm down, because apparently losing really bad is something the Lightning need to get used to.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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