New Direction?

Ever since my last blog was infested with so-called anonymous commenters (ahem, if you define “anonymous” as “I have your IP address and know your ISP, slick”), I have been struggling with simply requiring readers to have a username and password to read my blog. It would eliminate the trolls/stalkers/psychopaths, but I really hate to do that because I think it’s cool to receive comments from genuine readers who stumble across my blog, usually by searching hockey terms (hey, it’s hockey season, what can I say?). And, of course, I love comments from my old friends who visit my blog occasionally. I feel censored keeping this blog public though; there are so many things I don’t say because now I have to live in this ridiculous bubble and be heavily criticized while the individuals who stalk me online flit about, doing whatever narcissistic, deranged individuals do in between cyberstalking, sharpening their knives, and screeching at the moon.

Instead of me having to put a child-proof lock and key on my blog, let’s move forward with this common sense disclaimer (I know, I know, it’s like the entire class having to hear the same lecture again just because of one or two undisciplined brats with thick but mostly vacant skulls):


You voluntarily chose to visit my blog. You are unrestricted from leaving at any time with the mere click of a mouse. I do not, and have not been known, to level a firearms weapon at anyone’s head and coerce them to read my blog, no matter how much I enjoy my own opinion. (And I do!) In addition, I have a right, at times, to feel angry, frustrated, or at wit’s end, and to express my opinion and feelings freely without my words being twisted and mangled into a fabricated “threat”. I’m pretty task-oriented; had I actually threatened you, I’m sure I’d had have committed my wicked deed by now. Get real. One thing certain people need to grow up and grasp: When do you shitty things, occasionally someone is going to call you on it.


Go forth and harass no more! Be gone, Satan!

There we are. Now, back to me. My immune system has gone AWOL and I am coughing and sniffling again today, and curling up beneath my desk for a nap seems like a really good idea. Hmmmm….debating, debating….

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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