Today I’m pretending…

…that my hockey team did not just suffer its fifth demoralizing defeat in a row, and that one of those teams that beat them was NOT one of the worst-ranked teams in the Eastern Conference.

…that my bones aren’t itching to be outside working in the yard, playing in the dirt, talking to my plants, instead of sitting at this uncomfortable chair in my stuffy office.

…that I’m not worried about my kitten, Sylvester, who got shots last night and was acting very strange this morning.

…that sometimes, even in this messed-up, crazy, half-assed, backward world of ours, truth prevails and the repugnant liars are brought to justice.

…that every time someone walks into my office, I’m actually listening instead of nodding my head and daydreaming that I am somewhere else. Anywhere else.

…that I will actually go home this evening and work out, as planned.

…that I’m not still holding onto hope that the Lightning will win tomorrow’s game against the Florida Panthers. Or, that the hockey season is still young…surely the Lightning can bounce back! (*borderline manic, desperate grin*) Can’t they?

that I will eventually have time to write new stories and essays to post on this blog.

…that if I just don’t read the news today, then nothing bad happened.


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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