A question for my readers!

Today I have a question for you, my readers, because I am nosy, I mean, curious!

*If you write a blog: why do you blog? What do you like about it?

*If you read other people’s blogs: why do you read blogs? What do you like about it?

Or maybe you are like me, and you write a blog and also cruise around reading other blogs, dropping comments here and there like footprints, linking to the ones you find most amusing. Which means you get to answer two questions!

For me, blogging has become an interactive social activity that is rather addictive! There’s so much I enjoy: having a creative outlet, a place to store memories, a place to rant every now and then, to brag about (or vent about) my beloved hockey team, getting feedback from readers (I love comments, hint hint!)…but blogging would be a bit hollow without readers, or without other blogs to read. I get very excited when I receive comments, as I love the reciprocal nature of blogging, and it is immensely comforting to read blogs written by others experiencing similiar difficulties right now, a place to share these struggles and support each other. I’m still building my list of links, but I smile when I stumble across a blog that leads me to keep scrolling, sort through the archives, and make a mental note to come back tomorrow and see what’s new. I love discussion sparked in the comments of a post, and readers who are not intimidated by debate.

Bloggers are now the focus of studies, such as the University at Buffalo, whose researchers had this to say about bloggers: “We know that bloggers are not representative of Americans in general in certain respects. They tend to be younger, more urban, more educated, more technologically adept. They’re also early adopters and more willing to speak publicly about certain issues than other Americans, most of whom do not blog or even read blogs. …We suspect that bloggers are likely to be opinion leaders in their local communities…”

So, we bloggers are smart, technologically savvy, opinionated, bold, and ingenious leaders? *shrug* Tell us something we didn’t already know!

P.S. The Tampa Bay Lightning won 4-3 in the shoot-out last night against Ottawa, but do you suppose I was able to delight first-hand in my team’s rare victory in an overtime game? Hmmm? Nope, Sun Sports chose to broadcast some ridiculous wrestling/fighting/scrapping event (i.e, sweaty, slippery, bellicose, heavily tattoo’d guys thrashing around with each other in compromising positions). Was I a happy cat? A definitive NO.


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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10 Responses to A question for my readers!

  1. First, I did see the OT win over the Sens last night. God bless NHL Center Ice! I cant freakin believe that the Lightning’s local affiliate cut over to some stupid ‘wrasslin’ event when there was a HOCKEY game in an OVERTIME situation?! Ummm… I’m outraged for you. Unacceptable. Crikey. Ok now on to the blogging thing… I’m a relatively new reader of your blog in particular but I’m always out poking around for blogs that I find amusing, entertaining and/or relatable. It is somehow comforting to know that there are other people out there who are like you, though they may be in a different city, state or country. The vastness of it is the tie that binds us together in a way. (Wow, did I just say something deep? Holy batcrap!) For me, I started my blog as an anonymous blog so that I could have a way to spew forth some of the thoughts, feelings and life-long issues that run thru me noggin that I would not be comfortable telling another human face to face. It has been extremely therapeutic for me and being able to be the “uncensored me” in my blog has helped me a lot. I am bipolar and I have a child who is bipolar so having an outlet like that is VERY important. I never expected to actually communicate regularly with anyone thru doing this, but I have and its pretty darn cool! 🙂

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    I never expected to make “blog friends” either, but I think it’s amazingly cool that I have. I liked your deep comment 🙂 It is neat that across distance, a lot of us have quite a bit in common, even if it’s just the desire to share our human experiences.

  3. Feminist Gal says:

    I totally agree with The Unstable Blogger on the “outlet” idea.I graduated college a few years ago and ever since then have lacked the ability to vent about social issues. You know, can’t talk politics or religion at work 😉 Blogging has brought back that outlet and catharsis that i so craved and have been lacking. Also, i haven’t had much time to be an activist in the traditional sense since college either. Blogging gives me the opportunity to feel like i’m doing my tiny little part in making the world better, or at least being able to bitch about the things i don’t like so much 🙂Oh and, Smirking Cat, i LOVE your comment on my recent blog, ugh, that Male Reights Network guy was such a jerk!!! Thanks for getting my back 😉

  4. Stephanie says:

    I started blogging as a way to connect with local friends that were doing the same thing. Little did I know that it would become a network of people that were facing identical situations to mine. It has been a multitude of things for me, also–a place to store memories, a place to rant, and an outlet for me with regard to The Egg Donor. Our therapist LOVES the fact that I blog because then I don’t unload all of that Egg-Donor-Is-An-Evil-Psychopath poison on my poor husband, who has enough to handle with her. 🙂I love the fact that blogging has become a social activity. The “Absolutely!” and “I know exactly how that is!” and “I’m so sorry, I’ve been there, too” and “You’re not crazy” responses are largely what keep me going. It helps immensely to know I’m not alone with this kind of insanity.I check out other blogs, too, and love to find others that I enjoy reading every day (like yours). I remain consistently amazed at how very different we Stepmoms are and, yet, how similar. Longwinded, I know.But hey, thanks specifically for the part about we bloggers being “smart, technologically savvy, opinionated, bold and ingenious leaders.” I second your response to that with, “Did you really have to do a study? Seriously?”🙂

  5. Ok I know I already got a turn but I have some important hockey information to pass on to my fellow hockey diva… If you happen to like to read about trade rumors and all that like I do (shhh! dont tell my boss lol) I have the site for you… http://www.spectorshockey.net/rumors.html This guy is actually LEGIT and I just love his site. He also talks about all the teams and not just those damn Canadian ones. 😉 For instance, did you know that Vinny does not have a NTC? I was shocked to know this. I think u should write a letter. 😉 It was kinda funny that you were the first person I thought of when I read that yesterday… LOL Hockey fans, gotta love us all!

  6. Smirking Cat says:

    *still clutching my heart in horror* They better NOT trade Vinny! Or Marty…or Brad…but they’re welcome to trade goalies! Preferably with a certain goalie who now plays for the Blackhawks…Nikolai, it’s shameful you never answered my plea to return to the Lightning!! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the blog love!I blog about politics and religion and culture in one place and tawdry sex and dating stuff in another. I’ve always been mouthy and opinionated and blogging gives me a way to do that without becoming a pedantic bore to my family and friends. And I love my blog friends, it makes me hopeful that there are so many smart people out there.

  8. Kate says:

    I blog over at http://experimentsinliving.wordpress.comThe great thing about blogging is how it has become like a conversation and I too have “blog friends”. Possibly more blog friends than real friends. Must get out more!!@Feminist Gal – Me too. It may sound like I think a lot about myself, but I really miss conversations about “real” issues with people. At work it’s all petty gossip about who’s sleeping with who…*yawn*

  9. sp says:

    Thanks again for stopping by whoville. I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends and family who live all over the country (Canada). I’m not very fond of emails nor am I good at responding in a timely manner. Also, I wanted to keep writing as much as possible. I thought a blog might be a creative outlet. I’m not sure whoville exists as I initially imagined it and I often think about how I might take it in new directions, but for now that idea just seems to be in the rolling around with other ideas stage and hasn’t really surfaced yet. Like everyone else has noted it’s been very cool to meet other bloggers.

  10. kristi says:

    I started a blog after reading other blogs about parents of autistic kids. My son has mild autism. I have 2 blogs. One is much racier than the other!

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