Nerdy Blog Trivia

I was bitten hard by the research bug when I hopped online to find some trivia and stats for a recent post (A Question for My Readers), and my inner geek just had to dig up some more. Having developed acute and full-blown Blog Addiction Syndrome (I made that up, or at least, I didn’t actually find data on such an affliction), I rounded up some more useless but possibly amusing facts:

  • 9% of Internet users now say they have created blogs (source: Pew Internet & American Life Project).
  • 25% of internet users say they read blogs. (source: PI&ALP)
  • More than one-in-ten Internet users (12%) say they have posted material or comments on others’ blogs. That represents more than 14 million people and a threefold increase from April 2003.
  • Still, only 38% of all Internet users know what a blog is; the rest are not sure what the term “blog” means. (source: The State of Blogging: Pew Report)
  • The blog-reading audience is about 20% of the size of the newspaper-reading population (source: PI&ALF)
  • Most blogs are abandoned soon after creation (with 60% to 80% abandoned within one month) and few are regularly updated (source: Caslon Analytics).
  • Those who abandoned blogs tended to write posts that were only 58% as long as those bloggers who continued to publish, indicating that those who enjoy writing stick with blogs longer (seems a bit “duh”…). Source: Caslon Analytics
  • Blog creators are more likely to be:
    • Men: 57% are male
    • Young: 48% are under age 30
    • Broadband users: 70% have broadband at home
    • Internet veterans: 82% have been online for six years or more
    • Relatively well off financially: 42% live in households earning over $50,000
    • Well educated: 39% have college or graduate degrees (source: Pew Report)

Yet again confirming that we bloggers are intelligent, technologically savvy, albeit a bit commitment-shy…60-80% of blogs are abandoned? That surprised me, even though I’ve stumbled across a LOT of blogs that haven’t been updated in months, and I wish they would self-destruct.

Did any of it surprise you?

Of course every new trend or technology leads to a new way to harass, annoy, steal from, and otherwise aggravate fellow human beings, so I followed the trail of bread crumbs and also picked up some facts and statistics about cyberstalking, something I know is a personal issue for not only me but also a few readers here. I’ll sweep all of that information up and post it here next!


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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4 Responses to Nerdy Blog Trivia

  1. furiousBall says:

    that’s pretty much what I expected. The abandoned blogs are most likely on the free services like Blogger. And based on my experience, I’ll bet a good chunk of those are people that forgot their passwords.

  2. Vesper says:

    awesome! thanks for posting!

  3. Ash says:

    Thanks for the post! I am eagerly waiting for more information on cyber stalking!

  4. kristi says:

    I hate it when I am all into a blog and then the writer just stops posting.

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