Lightning have fizzled to sparklers

OUCH! I’m still stinging after the horrific game last night, during which the Lightning got thoroughly spanked by the Montreal Canadiens and lost 5-2. The only positives I can conjure up are that the Lightning were not shut out, although for a while it looked like they would be, and that, ummm, let’s see, their uniforms looked good? Yep, that appears to be the only goodness I can squeeze from last night’s game. Unless you are a Canadiens fan, of course, then the game was rather awesome. (Oh yes, and the Lightning managed not to score for the other team last night, which is always a plus.)

I wish I could pull million dollar paychecks for doing my job so miserably and insipidly. Marty St. Louis said, “This is as low as we’ve hit for a long time. It happens. …There’s no doubt in my mind we’ll come out of this.” I’m not as confident. Even in their golden Stanley Cup season, they played inconsistently; they just happened to have an excellent goaltender who picked up their slack and shined them up. (Khabibulin, don’t you miss Tampa?) Now, with weak goaltenders, they are showing their true colors, and they are not the least bit flattering or impressive. I am not a fair weather fan and will remain a Lightning fan, albeit a frustrated and irritated one, but let’s get real: they completely suck right now, and they have not been particularly good for a long time.

Tortorella kept playing musical goalie last night, as if a different body in the net would alter the fact that the Lightning pass the puck to the opposing team, act like they’re scared to break a nail if they charge with the puck, won’t shoot unless they are meticulously and exactly lined up in the dead center of the net, and more closely resemble a game of Mother May I than a game of hockey when they move tentatively in the general direction of the goal. The goalie is an easy scapegoat, but they wouldn’t have so many shots to block in the first place if the rest of the team was pulling its weight.


Let’s move on from hockey talk before I need to pop high blood pressure medication. I love Fridays, mostly because it’s the signal of the end of the work week. My enthralling plans for the weekend include laundry and cleaning (oh, someone slow me down from this wild and crazy life), but I also want to post my year-in-review and bid farewell to 2007.

Tomorrow is Wolverine’s birthday, and the kids will be back with us on Monday for a week. We’ll get to ring in the new year together, which will be cool, although I suspect I will be the first one asleep! I hope 2008 brings a lot of good things for all of them; they definitely deserve a turn for the better.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Lightning have fizzled to sparklers

  1. furiousBall says:

    Happy Birthday to Wolverine! My Flyers finally won another game last night.

  2. alexia! says:

    I sure was happy last night! I never expected them to win by that much. But it was really sad to see the Tampa fans…they really did look depressed.Hopefully your team bounces back!

  3. Smirking Cat says:

    The Tampa fans looked like they needed emergency counselors on stand-by 🙂

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