So hey, the Lightning lost again!

The Lightning continued their Cadavers On Ice show last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and I will grant you two guesses whether the Lightning won or not…unless you are a regular reader of my blog, and are therefore well-versed on the status of the Lightning’s dismal hockey season whether you truly want to be or not! In that case, you are allotted only one guess.

Okay, time’s up. They lost 4-3 in a shoot-out, so at least they didn’t go belly-up right out of the face-off.

The kids are with us for a week, and we’ve had a great time so far. We hosted an impromptu singing and dancing contest last night, and I dedicated a little ditty to my ailing hockey team that earned complaisant laughter if not raving reviews.

Currently there is a wrathfully demanding cat on my lap who harbors a deep resentment of anything that diverts my attention from rubbing his chin, scratching his ears, and otherwise adoring him, so before he snaps and does me bodily harm, I’ll wrap this up and wish everyone a good night!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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7 Responses to So hey, the Lightning lost again!

  1. Bydlo says:

    If your team is that bad, here’s a very special cat that can be their mascot:

  2. furiousBall says:

    boy the bolts are really struggling. what’s the press saying in tampa? is it torts? The Flyers had a quick drop last year and went hog wild in free agency. it seems from an outsider’s point of view, you’ve got the pieces

  3. Smirking Cat says:

    A skunk cat would be a very fitting mascot right now!There’s some talk of a new coach, selling the team, etc., but I don’t know what is seriously being considered. My vote is a new goalie, but Torts hasn’t asked me yet!

  4. “Cadavers On Ice show” — that is freakin hilarious…I seriously just snotted ice tea all over my desk. I have been in a shitty mood all day today. I have a headache, the Stars played like shit last night…so bad I actually uttered the words “trade Turco”!! I know, bad. …but reading your blog 1) cheered me up and even made me giggle reading about the nutjob and the ‘old post office’ thing…WTF?? and 2) made me howl like a friggin mental patient when I read the ‘Cadavers On Ice’ line. What a gem. Holy freakin crap that is funny stuff.

  5. Smirking Cat says:

    Why, thank you (taking a humble bow). My hockey team is so annoying, there’s nothing left to do about it but make up jokes about them.

  6. Bydlo says:

    Out of curiosity, are you interested in Women’s Football? Did you know that there are three different Women’s Football Leagues, the WPFL, the IWFL, and the WFL? Did you know that these Football Leagues have been actively recruiting this year/Look Out, NFL! You know that you can be replaced! The New Jersey Titans can whip the Tennessee Titans any day! WHy do you think their old Coach was called “BUM”?

  7. Smirking Cat says:

    Hockey is really the only sport I get into, and football is by far the least interesting to me. But I’m sure if I watched football, I would pick a team that loses all the time too!

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