This goading tidbit is from today’s horoscope: Your emotional state is much more down to earth than it has been lately, so it could be a good time to try again after a fight with your sweetie or to confront that coworker who doesn’t know when to shut up. Well now! Who am I to argue with my astrological forecast? Seems like Yahoo Horoscopes is trying to instigate, eh? Stir up some trouble? Hmmm….ah, I don’t have time in my day (or even a week) to confront everyone who doesn’t know when to shut up. You’re lucky!

The Lightning will drag their inept carcasses onto the ice tonight against the New York Rangers, and if I may try my hand at casting horoscopes, I solemnly predict they will lose and make fools of themselves, and that I will shake my head and my fist a lot.

Ash invited me to answer The Blogger’s Meme, so here it is!:

1. What is your blogging name?
Smirking Cat

2. When did you start blogging exactly?
Some fateful day in 2004

3. What was your first title?
Athena for President was the title of my first blog. I liked the combination of the Goddess of Wisdom, and my acute distaste for President Bush. I moved to the Smirking Cat after issues with imbecilic commenters on Athena.

4. Which posting is the best so far?
The posting that got the strongest reaction was from my old blog, and I wrote it when one of my cats died. I hope to not write a similiar one anytime soon, but I dropped all armor and wrote my soul, and more than one person said it made them cry. I can’t go back and re-read it, to be honest. I have it saved on my computer but refuse to look at it, because I was so raw when I wrote it, and it tears open wounds to read it again.

5. Who or what is your inspiration to blog?
Gimchi introduced me to blogging, and my first attempt at one was predominantly ranting and raving about political issues; I tended to only write when I was angry, and it showed! After I moved to this blog, I wanted to write more about my life, what I’m doing, things I’ve been reading about, and though there is still the occasional rant (it’s in my blood), I think this blog is a lot more fun.

6. When do you usually post entries?
In the morning…evening…afternoon…honestly, whenever I find the time. I don’t have a scheduled or usual time that I post. The only off-limit times are when the kids are in the house. I’d rather spend my time with the kids than with a computer screen, and I don’t want them to learn to plunk down in front of a computer and keep their butts glued there for hours.

7. Where would you prefer to be when you blog?
At work, so I can get paid to blog…ha ha, just kidding (not really). I’m most comfortable blogging from our home computer, and I concentrate better if I’m by myself.

8. Have you met other bloggers?
Yes, but I knew them before I read their blogs.

9. How many entries do you have per month on average?
About 25-30. I post almost every day, although the last month or so has gotten choppy. I want to balance the enjoyment I get from blogging with the enjoyment I get from people in my life, so sometimes the blog takes a back seat!

10. Would you reveal your face or you family on your blog? Why?
No, I’ve never been comfortable with personal photos on the Internet. There are far too many unstable people in the world to be broadcasting “Here’s what I look like! Hunt me down!” You never know who is reading your page, so I take precautions. I also don’t believe in posting pictures of anyone until I have asked their permission to do so. (The cats granted their permission as long as the pictures capture their best sides, so I do my best.)

11. Would you promote friends to blog?
Sure, if they enjoy writing or creating. I don’t push anyone to start a blog just because I have one, though.

12. Would you feel restless / guilty / incomplete if you didn’t blog for a month?
I would feel restless but not guilty or incomplete. I’ve always liked to write, so even if I didn’t blog, I would find some sort of activity to be creative, and I have other hobbies (like sewing, a much-neglected hobby) that would fill in the blanks. A blogger who feels guilty for not writing anything probably places too much emphasis and credit on their own writing!

13. Define blogging.
The most typical definition of blogging is writing an online journal. I don’t see the point to news blogs or other blogs that duplicate numerous sites that already exist, so the blogs I visit most are personal ones, with life stories, viewpoints, and an individual touch.


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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4 Responses to Horoscopes

  1. Feminist Gal says:

    haha, ditto to #7 🙂

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    A blogger who says he or she does not blog at work is likely a blogger who takes creative freedom with the truth! 🙂

  3. Lee says:

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  4. Smirking Cat says:

    I sometimes read my horoscope for fun but can’t really advocate visiting psychics. I do believe some rare people may have a gift or ability we don’t completely understand, however, most people who claim to be psychic seem to be out to scam a quick buck. I caution against using such “guidance” for anything but fun.

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