I Don’t Like Sidney Crosby

The Lightning were pistol-whipped and mercilessly left for dead by the Carolina Hurricanes the other night, losing 5-1, and if they can stagger back to their feet in time, they will try their fate with the Pittsburgh Penguins this evening. Sidney “The Overpaid Brat” Crosby likely won’t be playing yet after he ate the sideboards back in January and injured his ankle.

What is it I can’t stand about Sidney Crosby, besides the overly lavished hype and the recurrent, ridiculous proclamation that he is the “face of the NHL” despite the fact there are far better, stronger, and more deserving players? He doesn’t even look like a hockey player. Real hockey players don’t have cutesy waves in their long, lush hair! Real hockey players have gaps in their teeth from collisions with pucks and sticks, and lopsided, crooked features from bones being repeatedly broken and glued back together so they can get back on the ice.

I resist the “you must love Sidney Crosby” campaign that is crammed insistently down our throats, with his face plastered throughtout my beloved NHL Yearbook, gleaming on the covers of men’s magazines, in advertisements, etc. I have seen him play a few times and wasn’t exactly blown away by his performance. There are other players who are more aggressive, more talented, and just better players. So why all the neon-light attention on this guy, with such a push to adore him and consider him the god of the NHL? That is ultimately why I can’t stand him; because it’s like I’m supposed to for no apparent reason except to create a marketing and money-making giant for the NHL, and focus on marketability and dollar signs instead of talent and grit. Hockey has never been a beauty or personality contest, and I resent his contribution to such fluff, though who can blame him for accepting millions of dollars to do so?

According to yesterday’s Lightning Insider, “Practice today was intense, with lots of hitting, battling and push-ups for those who weren’t up to par.” Take a look at the team record; wouldn’t “those who weren’t up to par” include the whole damn team?

OK, blood pressure rise, inhale, exhale, count to ten….let’s stop talking about hockey, shall we?…inhale, exhale….

In happier news, my cat Tweetie is doing great. You may remember a scare we had right before Christmas (see this post: My Baby) when I was terrified I was going to lose him. The vet taking care of him is wonderful and has adjusted the old furry guy’s medications so that he is lively, playful, beating up Sylvester, running up and down the hall with his ears back and that crazy, dark-eyed look on his face, demanding more room on the bed at night even though he already has most of it, and reminding me loudly in the morning that he gets vitamins mixed with milk and the other 2 cats don’t, nya nya! His fur has grown back and I pause sometimes while I am holding him and playing with him (or spoiling him, according to Gary), and I am so happy he is still with me, still able to play and be his headstrong, vocal, and snuggly self again.

And Tweetie doesn’t like Sidney Crosby either!


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6 Responses to I Don’t Like Sidney Crosby

  1. furiousBall says:

    Cindy is annoying, but very, very good unfortunately.

  2. “Cindy” — ROFL omg, that is GREAT! I am very happy to read this post because I get crap all the time because I am very annoyed at all the “Crosy is the face of the NHL” hooey. No, he is NOT the face of the NHL. What annoys me more? That he wears a C on his precious widdle uniform. He has not earned that C. What does a snot-nosed 20yo know about being a leader in the NHL? Nuthin! Jason Arnott has earned his C. Billy Guerin has earned his C. “Cindy” (freakin love that!) is no Guerin and certainly no Arnott! And I’d pay to see Ovechkin skate over Crosy ANY. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK. Now Ovechkin – *he* looks like a hockey player!!There are so many players out there who are not getting props because cutesy pie Crosby is getting them and thats BS! He’s been out for a while and has the NHL died on the vine? NO! Its still going! What a friggin miracle. It is a pity that Laroques plays for the Pens cuz I’d pay good money to see him beat the snot outta ole Cindy Crosby. I’m so over him and his clothing line and all that crap. Go brush your hair and put on your figure skates, Crosby. Pfffft!

  3. GO CANES!!! Sorry but I have to say how happy I am my boys are doing well. I do agree that ole Cindy gets to much hype.

  4. sp says:

    I’m glad to hear that Tweety is getting the best care and is doing better. That’s very good to hear.Now I know you don’t want to hear this and I too am sick to the back teeth of hearing about Crosby and seeing him all over the place (hey, I live in Canada where hockey is talked about every second of the day in most places in Canada so you can imagine how prevalent Crosby is), but…he is an incredibly player and I do find him amazing to watch. Bottom line for me…I’d much rather have the kids looking up to Crosby than some other players.

  5. Smirking Cat says:

    I know, but it’s kind of like reading again about Britney Spears or something…there’s only so much of one person I can read about!

  6. Laroques pounds the crap outta people on the ice and is a good citizen off the ice. Jason Arnott is a good role model type player. The Staal boys are good players who dont have any “blemishes” on their reps for off ice escapades (that I know of??). Curtis Joseph is an awesome goalie who is good Catholic boy with a slew of kids and very good “role model” type player. Mike Modano is a good player and you never ever hear of him screwing up off the ice. Sorry…I do not wish to disparage Sidney Crosby’s skills or the fact that he’s not out collecting DUIs but I think it is doing him any favors by OVER hyping him they way they are doing. Just MHO. 🙂

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