Tampa Bay *pfffftttt*

I’m still flinching from last night’s maddening Lightning game against the Penguins. Can I remain in blissful denial a bit longer, and would you pretend to believe me if I said the Lightning didn’t blow countless scoring opportunities, that they didn’t humiliate themselves, and that they weren’t shut out 2-0?

The only Lightning player who showed any signs of life or brain activity was someone who only recently acquired the Lightning uniform: the goalie from Dallas, Mike Smith. He did the best he could, with the lousy team he was forced to work with. His playing style concerned me the first time I watched him goaltend. He has a very bored, unanimated way of standing, and he makes saves by casually flipping out a glove or nonchalantly dropping a knee. It works for him though, except when the Lightning can’t keep the puck at the other goal, can’t score, and force Smith to work twice as hard as the other goalie. In his defense, the 2nd goal was scored on an empty net.

The best part of the game was Petr Sykora’s penalty shot for a bogus tripping call on Lecavalier. Oh, he was tripping all right; he was falling down himself, flailed his arms out to break the fall, and accidentally swung his stick in the way of a Penguins player. (Never mind 2 Penguins who football-tackled a Lightning player later in the game, with not a peep from the refs.) Sykora got to make a one-on-one run against Smith, who dropped a knee to block the shot, held out the puck in his glove for a moment, then flipped it onto the ice as if to say “There’s your damn puck. Fetch.”

Smith also blocked 2 shots by Sidney Crosby, who decided to join his team last night. I waited the entire game for someone to check bratty boy into the glass, but so far, nada.

How can my team lose to a gang of hockey players like Malkin and Crosby, who both traipse about with their lower lips jutted out like cavemen and I’ve-been-hit-in-the-head-one-time-too-many-times, dazed expressions permanently etched on their faces?

I’m still shaking my head.


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Tampa Bay *pfffftttt*

  1. furiousBall says:

    I feel your pain, my Fly guys fell like a house of cards last night in the third period.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    I watched part of that game too. I kept flipping around since the Lightning were just embarrassing themselves. I think the Lightning play the Flyers soon.

  3. I watched the Bolts play last night in hopes that Smitty would get his first win. What did I see? A bunch of bullshit not called on the Precious Pens as somehow the score was held to a miraculous 0-0 through 40 mins. I saw Smitty stone Crosby more than once though and it gave me the joy of Christmas. I would love to say that I kept the warm feeling to myself but thats a big fat lie – the girl child was at practice so I was free to jump up screechin “fuck you cindy!” at the tv in full-on glee! HA! I also saw Smitty in his 6’4″ glory make the stop on Petr Suckora. Ass. He shoulda smoked him in the head with his stick after denying the goal as to say “not on my watch, little man” Oh saw the “tackle” as well. It was a horribly officiated game and sadly, the defense for the Bolts stayed in the locker room or perhaps at home playing NHL 08? I dont know but wow, something has to give for ya’ll. But…on a positive note – for the worst team in the East to have played the best team in the East and held them at a tie for 2 periods, thats pretty impressive. Next time, I wanna see Crosby knocked around a bit though đŸ˜‰

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