Just in case you didn’t hear my uncontrollable cheers and screams of joy last night, or if you missed my victorious hockey dance of glory, then I am honored to be the one to inform you that the Tampa Bay Lightning finally, blissfully, beautifully won last night, 8-4, against the New York Islanders.

Yes…you read that correctly…EIGHT to four!

I’m delirious…a bit woozy from yelling and leaping about, dancing on the furniture, and tossing things about in celebration. Gary just took cover, moved things around so I didn’t break anything, and waited for me to slow down to take a breather, get some oxygen, and check my vital signs before a fresh round of the hockey dance.

Lecavalier treated us to a hat trick (3 goals in one game, for those readers I haven’t converted to hockey yet), Oullet scored twice, and the Lightning scored 3 times within a 42-second span in the 3rd period (a new franchise record, by the way). It was amazing to watch my team come alive and play some damn hockey! This is what hockey is about, the thrill, the excitement, a game played hard and played well, a raw throat from yelling and cheering.

Tarnasky came onto the ice swinging and checked Islander players like they were rag dolls, tossing them onto their butts to get the puck. Besides having one of the coolest last names in the NHL (just say it once with me…TARNASKY!), he’s one of the first to bring on an aggressive playing style for the Lightning. I find myself howling in exasperation, “It’s hockey! Check him!” when my Lightning are playing, so I’m thrilled Tarnasky at least gets it.

I know that likely, the Lightning will revert to their losing streak by their next game, and they will frustrate and aggravate and disappoint me again and again, and I’ll be back here sighing about how terribly they suck. But for one night, at least, they reminded me why they once brought the Stanley Cup to Tampa (well, besides the fact they had a stellar goalie back then and more than a little luck).

The game recap had a quote from Vinny Lecavalier, saying, “It’s a great win. It’s good for our confidence and we’re happy. Everybody was making plays, making some nice passes. It was an overall good game.”

Amen to that. I’m still on a hockey high and don’t plan on coming down anytime soon!

*hockey dance* Join me!


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7 Responses to HOO-WAH!

  1. furiousBall says:

    I’m at the opposite end of the hockey love spectrum. My Flyers choked like dogs last night, giving up 4 unanswered goals!

  2. Mister-M says:

    Oh my GOD I watched that unmitigated disaster last not. Biron was a ROCK in the first two periods… and then the defense couldn’t clear the puck and it was as if someone punched a big hole in the goalie’s chest in the third.I went to bed angry.That was horrendous.

  3. So the Bolts defense actually showed up for this one, eh? 🙂 Wow, EIGHT goal scored on the Isles??? Holy crap. Was DiPietro wearing a blindfold??? 😉 Congrats on the win!

  4. Smirking Cat says:

    DiPietro was extremely frustrated after the 3 goal flurry. He was shaking his head and looked angry. I felt sorry for him, but hey, my team has been losing all season! We needed this!

  5. OH MY HELL… Smitty – looking spiffy in his shiny new Bolts gear – got his second win tonight! WOO HOO!! Another win for the Bolts with Smitty in net! *throwing confetti*

  6. Smirking Cat says:

    I thought last night was Smith’s first win…? Ramo was goaltending against the Islanders the other night.

  7. Yes Ramo got the one against the Isles and I thought this was Smitty’s first too but the channel I was watching said that was his second??? Maybe they were confused. They were males you know 🙂 LOL j/k dooooods

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