Neil Diamond!

This morning’s commute music was provided by none other than the one, the legend, the man, Neil Diamond! I’m a Neil Diamond fan from waaaaaay back. When I was little, I insisted that the deep voice on the chorus of “Cracklin’ Rose” was actually my father, who had a very deep voice and apparently, in my little kid mind, was the only man with a deep voice so naturally had to be the singer of that part of the song! I still think of my father when I hear that song. Apparently I’m not the only one who does. My mom was riding with me somewhere, and I had this CD in the car. When “Cracklin’ Rose” came on, she brightened right up, turned to me, and asked, “Oh, remember when you thought your dad sang this song?” No. I don’t. And I don’t believe I just admitted this tidbit to the entire blogosphere.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Neil go ape-crazy and gyrate all over the stage for a frenetic performance of “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”! I was treated to a Neil Diamond concert a few years ago in Tampa, and it sold out in no time. It was amusing to watch little old ladies scream their undying love and unfulfilled sexual fantasies to this man on stage, but wild and crazy geriatric people aside, the concert rocked. My favorite Neil Diamond song is “Play Me”, and just when I thought he wasn’t going to sing it, despite my strict orders to make sure he didn’t miss this song, I heard the first few notes and shrieked right along with the swooning old ladies.

I know I could sport a sparkly, sequined shirt and hop around on stage with the best of ’em, on tour with ol’ Neil. He probably wondered, after he spotted me leaping up and down on my seat, bellowing “You better sing ‘Play Me”!”, how to enlist me as a back-up dancer. As long as the elderly harlots refrained from tossing their bras or underwear on stage, Neil and I would put on one hell of a show.

(I just threw this picture in because it’s hee-larious.)


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6 Responses to Neil Diamond!

  1. furiousBall says:

    Neil kicked ass, end of story

  2. blueydmuse says:

    My mother used to wake my brothers and I up (when we were teenagers and quite reluctant to drag our butts out of bed) by blasting Neil Diamond or Johnny Mathis or Barbara Streisand… when I hear any of them now it just makes my teeth itch.

  3. KiKi says:

    hee-larious? damn skippy

  4. I friggin love Neil Diamond!! Sweeeeeet Caroline… bah bah bah! His photos are soooo campy, LOVE IT! Were we seperated at birth?! lol

  5. SomeOne says:

    Neil Diamond…really?

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love Neil Diamond, too. It was the second cassette tape I ever owned, right after Thriller. I’m not sure exactly what that says about me but, well, there it is… 🙂

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