Please Donate if You Can

To the right of this page, you will notice a new “Donate” button. I am asking for everyone’s help, if you will please, to donate and to spread the word to others to come here to donate. I’m scared a public defender won’t represent Gary fairly or as well as a private lawyer, and I desperately wish to hire a lawyer if I can. I have very little cash and need money for a retainer as well as future payments, as this will likely be a long, difficult road.

Gary is a gentle, loving, tender man who has an awesome laugh, a wonderful sense of humor, and a generous heart. The last few years of pain and suffering have altered him, as they have me; his laugh hasn’t been heard quite as much, and he will smile to make me smile, but it doesn’t reach his faded eyes. He is a man in pain, a man who would never be in trouble if he had seen any other way out, any option left to try to fix our situation.

I’m afraid to get into much detail of his situation, because I honestly don’t know what is legal to say here. I will say he did not hurt anyone, or try to hurt anyone, and he never would. He was desperate to try to get us out of our problems, and he inadvertently made it harder on both of us, but I know, from my own despair, how a mind can bend and hurt until you simply cannot think clearly until it’s too late.

I love Gary and always will. Someday, like we have for so long, he will stroll into the bedroom and say, “Read me your blog”, and stretch out on the bed, laughing at the funny parts and hugging me at the sad parts, and I will read this to him and tell him how much I love him and need him to be here with me.

Please, please, if you can, consider making a donation by clicking the button to the right, and please pass along the information to someone else, and ask them to do the same. I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t aching to help Gary, and unable to do so on my own right now. If enough people know about my plea, then I know I can help Gary and bring him home, where he belongs.

Thank you, to everyone, for reading, commenting, supporting, and caring. It means a lot, especially right now.

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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