Memory Lane

All this talk about hockey and the Stanley Cup has me a bit nostalgic…indulge me for a moment, since I endured a hideous and painful season this past year with the worst team EVER, the worst team since anyone had the brilliant notion to slap a puck on ice and try to pulverize anyone who gets in their way.

Ahhh, the 2004 Stanley Cup finals…*dreamy smile* All my friends, relatives, co-workers, and even random strangers who got locked into my sights were forced to hear hour upon hour of hockey highlights and recaps, whether they wanted to or not. (Oh, of course they wanted to! Don’t be silly.) I didn’t have cable, so I watched the games at a bar down the street, flinging silverware and nasty stares at anyone who even looked like they were going to change the channel. I listened to the final game on the radio at home as I worked on a website, and when the Lightning beat the Calgary Flames, well, let’s just say no one in the entire complex had any doubt who won, as I screamed, shrieked, jumped up and down, and made a spectacle of myself for weeks afterward.

Okay, let’s just not discuss the way the Lightning have played ever since, because that is depressing and saps my will to live. Better luck next season, or else the entire team will get bagloads of hate mail from a certain disgruntled fan who shall go nameless but who gets rather wordy when disgruntled, so it’s truly in their best interest to play well next year!

Saturday is the first Pittsburgh vs. Detroit game, which should be pretty interesting. My bet is on Detroit. They’ve been winning at hockey much longer than Pittburgh has, with older and more seasoned players who pratice hockey more than they poof their hair with mousse and pose for magazines (hi, Sidney!)

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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2 Responses to Memory Lane

  1. ahh the good ole days… ’twas 1999 for me and my Stars 🙂 hmmm re: Detroit, if by “older and more seasoned” you mean crusty and fugly — ok I can go with that LOL and how precious that when Cindy skates out to the ice Saturday, he’ll set a record just for being there — the youngest capn in the NHL to play in a cup final… isnt that *gag me* just a kodak moment for all? I am seriously pissed about this but… GO PENS. Gawd I feel dirty. On another note, I wonder where Holmqvist will end up next season? He wont be staying here. Do ya think the TBL will keep Mike Smith? I’d love to get Smitty back but I know we wont.

  2. astepmomssay says:

    WOO HOO!!!4-0That’s Detroit Hockey!(And for the record, I have been a fan since I was a little girl—you know, back in the days when Wings tickets were cheap because they were known as the “Dead Wings” around here. It’s so nice to have them be a dynasty in my adulthood!)

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