What Type of Hockey Player are You?

Who me, a Fighter? According to this quiz, What Type of Hockey Player Are You?, I am “a fighter, you are always dropping your gloves and you dont care if you are a good fighter or not, you just love to fight”.

Ummm….if you can overlook the horrific spelling and nerve-plucking punctuation (or lack thereof), and the propensity toward run-on sentences, then take the quiz yourself and answer the burning question of what type of hockey player you are. I wonder how many hockey players are NOT fighters, so I am curious if other types are the Gentle Hockey Player, the Sensitive Hockey Player, maybe the World Peace Player or the Let’s Just All Get Along Hockey Player.

Once you’ve determined if you are a fighting player or a new age tender and emotional player, find out specifically which player you are with this quiz: What famous hockey player are you?

Luckily I am not any of the Tampa Bay Lightning players. According to this highly scientific and rigorous test, I am Patrick Roy. Hey, I’m a Hall of Famer!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to What Type of Hockey Player are You?

  1. I’m a bruiser hahahaha

  2. Mister-M says:

    I actually picked a player that I would like to be and then took the quiz. They matched!<>You are the offensive pointman known as Nicklas Lidas Lidstrom. You excel in defense and you can light up the scoreboard when needed. You also have good speed, power behind your shots and in your hits. You’ve accomplished alot in your time and have more time ahead of you.<>

  3. Naomi says:

    Ha, I’m a Bruiser “You are HUGE. You smash people and knock the living snot out of them. When you hit someone everyone says “wow”.” This is funny because I clicked on small & quick because I am small and I used to move pretty fast – but truth is yeah, I would LOVE to be a bruiser just for one game…

  4. Mister-M says:

    ALSO…Playmaker<>You usually have more assists than goals but when you get a goal it`s usually “pretty”. You see the whole ice like it`s a football field. you blow the game wide open with your behind the back passes, and when you split the D with your perfect passes.<>

  5. between3boys says:

    I’m a Dangler. “You know how to break defensemens ankles and you are a straight up baller. Your stick handling skills are amazing and you make the Defensemen look stupid. You don’t like to pass the puck because no one skates as good as you and you know it. You also sport the Old School Dangler face mask.”BWAHAHAHAHA!

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