Better Person

A few days ago, A Stepmom’s Say wrote about her upcoming wedding anniversary, and how enduring hard times together has strengthened her relationship with her husband. I thought of that post last night, and how hardship either pulls you apart or draws you together, depending on so many things, one significant thing being how you choose to allow it to affect you.

Last night I missed Gary so much. Maybe it’s the upcoming move, changes he won’t be a part of, so much time, or just good old-fashioned heartache, but I couldn’t shake it, an ache that demanded he should be here with me, but wasn’t. I was on the verge of tears when he called, and he could hear it in my voice. He joked around, told me stories, asked me if I remembered certain things we’ve done together, and within minutes, I was smiling and laughing. Before we hung up, he asked me, “Did I make you feel better?”

He always does. I hung up with a smile on my face, though I had answered the phone with tears in my eyes. We have endured a lot together, and we still are. We have been accused, insulted, swung at, all by people who for some reason simply can’t stand that he and I have found love with each other. We have been each other’s support, held each other up, leaned on each other, and still manage to laugh and have fun and enjoy life.

Difficult times suck, and I won’t deny that. But I also know that no matter what happens, I have already chosen to be a better person, to learn, to grow, to never allow others’ bitterness and vengefulness chip away at my heart.

I really enjoyed A Stepmom’s Say’s post, especially this part: “The best thing about my marriage is that it has made me a better person. My husband has made me a better person. His children have made me a better person. Our children have made me a better person. And I think that I have done the same for him.”

It’s a beautiful post. Thanks, Mrs. H!

*photo courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography*

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to Better Person

  1. Dijea says:

    There is nothing more special that a good relationship. I know that you have had a bump in your life, but it seems no matter what happens, your relationship has improved. Regardless of all that, you are a lucky woman to have a man that cares about you like that.

  2. kimberlina says:

    thank goodness for good relationships. and laughter after tears.

  3. SMILF says:

    I loved her post as well. Great relationships are hard to come by and those of us who have them are extremely lucky. šŸ™‚

  4. Smirking Cat says:

    I agree, with all of you. A loving, respectful relationship with your best friend can get you through a lot.

  5. I feel the same way about my husband. He makes me laugh when no one else can. Our relationship has stood the tests, trials, & tribulations for 8 years (& counting!) Treasure every moment!Thanks for the comments on my blogs!

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