Marky Mark

I defy you to listen to “Good Vibrations” by the legendary and oh-so-humble Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and not have this song dancing maniacally through your head all day long, well into the night, until you are huskily crooning “Do you feel it, baby? I do too!” and scowling and pouting in your best angst-ridden, Calvin-wearing Marky Mark impression.

I happened to hear this song on my way to work this morning…okay, okay, I confess, if you’re going to keep twisting my arm, for the love of all that is good! Yes, this song is on a CD in my very own car, I admit it, but I swear it’s only because Gary and the kids like to dance to it and transform into rap afficionados as we cruise down the road, complete with crossed arms, defiant head bobs, and backward baseball caps.

Now I am overwhelmed with the urge to burst out with “Making you feel the rhythm is my occupation!” and “So put the crack up!” as I humbly and meekly earn my pennies at work. I have a performance review coming up soon, so I suppose I should do my best to stifle this impulse, eh?

I also defy you to utter the words “Marky Mark” and not snicker. I can’t do it.


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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11 Responses to Marky Mark

  1. furiousBall says:

    i was his stuntcock in boogie nights FWIW

  2. I can’t do it either!!!

  3. SMILF says:

    I think the fact that you have a tag called “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” makes me laugh even harder than this post. LMAO

  4. Smirking Cat says:

    Makes you want to rush to your keyboard and blog about Marky Mark, eh? Admit it!

  5. KiKi says:

    Better Marky Mark than Vanilla Ice.Ice, ice baby. (Doong-doong-doong doong-doong-doong, doong-doong-doong-doong doonga-doong-doong.) Bet that’s stuck in YOUR head now.Take that ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. The kids and I play “Sing Star” and we have all of the versions. The 90’s version with MCHammer, Vanilla Ice, and Sir MixALot is my favorite. Try singing “Baby Got Back” without a grin…”Little in the middle, but she’s got much back…”

  7. between3boys says:

    LMFAO at the comments… I was just gonna say that Mr. Double Mark is a hotty-hot-hotterson and I’d feel his good vibrations any day! *snicker*

  8. Smirking Cat says:

    My best friend all through the wondrous high school years used to absolutely dissolve into laughter at the part of the song when he says “Do you feel it, baby?”, then all intensely, “I DO TOO!” Now I can’t hear that song without cracking up at that part.

  9. LOL and damn you all as I am now sitting at my desk with my arms crossed gangsta style singing this shiteous song! ๐Ÿ™‚ as if my co-workers dont already think i should shuffled off to da funny farm.. this should seal the deal! haha

  10. Stephanie says:

    I was good right up until the Ice, Ice Baby comment above. Now that will be running through my head ALL NIGHT! Dangit!

  11. kristi says:

    Yep, Marky Mark is hotty hot.

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