Morning Glory

Note to self: next time, invest in the sparkly, bright red manicure after the yard work is done! A few hours in the yard were worth a few chips in the polish, though. Besides yanking weeds, I planted sunflower seeds and some more morning glory seeds, in blue and in purple.

Some of the blue morning glory seeds I planted not long ago have already started vining and seeking something to wind around, so I twist-tied the longest vine to the porch railing. I checked it this morning, and it caught on like a pro, whipping a few times around the railing already. I actually smiled and clapped, luckily not in the line of sight of any neighbors who would wonder what on earth I was clapping about as I peered at my porch railing in the early morning.

I absolutely love plants. Every new leaf, every burst of growth, is so beautiful. And when these vines sport their first flowers? Forget it. I’m sending out birth announcements and cigars.


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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4 Responses to Morning Glory

  1. Dijea says:

    I love blue flowers. You always expect flowers to be bright colors and I guess the blue flower is a rebel.

  2. I love morning glories!!!! When I lived in El Paso, I could grow them like a pro. However, I don’t see them out here in San Diego very often. Maybe the weather isn’t right here. Plants make me happy. 😉

  3. They’re a favourite of mine too. Enjoy the garden, a rare oasis of tranquility in the sandstorm of life 🙂

  4. Mean Stepmom says:

    **claps too!**I love my plants too. It’s the only part of my life I have some control over, and I am so blessed by their blooms.

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