New Friend

Uh-oh, I seem to have been adopted by a little girl across the street. She came over 3 times yesterday evening, and for such a little person, she knocks on the door like King Kong strung out on caffeine. The first time I came to the door, she asked if I wanted to buy some sort of Pizza Hut card. I said “No thanks”, and she shrugged and darted off my porch. Maybe 20 minutes later, BOOM BOOM BOOM, it sounded like someone trying to pound my door in, and when I opened it, there she stood again, braids standing out from her head like Pippi Longstocking, big brown eyes, and: “Do you want to come out and play cars?”

I laughed because it’s quite a while since someone came to the door and asked if I wanted to come out and play. I told her I was just finishing up with something (I had my tool box and pictures spread out all over the living room, finally hanging up some more pictures) but that I could play in a little while. She smiled and once again took off running. I guess she runs everywhere she goes.

Sure enough, I eventually heard her pounding my door down again, but instead of cars, she asked if I could drive her grandma to the grocery store. Considering I didn’t even know the little girl’s name, I was leary, but I told her I’d come over and meet her grandma first and see what she needed. The little girl ran back to her house, and I followed and met her grandma, who laughed when she saw me and said, “Well, she told me she had a new friend who likes to play cars.”

Interesting evening. I have a feeling I will barely be inside the house after work today before I hear a little fist pounding on my door!


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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10 Responses to New Friend

  1. furiousBall says:

    if we could just figure out a way to harness kid power, there would be no energy crisis

  2. ohiowagirl says:

    How cute! My mom has this effect on littles too. My dad coaches adult softball and my mom takes all the players’ kids to the playground! A few weeks ago a friend that I had gone to HS with’s ex wife asked him how long he’d been dating Peggy because she’s all his daughter talked about! LMAO

  3. FeministGal says:

    1. this is really really sweet2. oh my goodness i saw this and instantly thought you’d be interested:

  4. Cute! Since I have three boys, I think I might have skipped joyfully outside to play with a little girl! But I would have suggested that we play tea party or something. I’ve had enough of cars! 🙂

  5. SMILF says:

    HA! That is cute. However, we have a little neighbor boy who I swear his parents do not watch him and he knocks on our door constantly and it is to the point of annoying. Hopefully your little neighbor just stays cute and charming 🙂

  6. Smirking Cat says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of, that she will be at my door constantly when I’m trying to get things done! I’ll just let her know I am busy sometimes. I don’t want to hurt her feelings!

  7. Dijea says:

    Oh to be free like that. Don’t you just wish you could bottle some of that.

  8. You know kids have a way of knowing when someone could use a friend. Maybe you both needed each other that afternoon. Either way, I’m glad you have nice neighbors.

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