Can You Spot a Liar?

You Can Definitely Spot a Liar
Maybe you have good instincts. Or maybe you just have a lot of experience with liars.
Either way, it’s pretty hard for someone to pull a fast one on you. You’re like a human lie detector.

No surprises there! I’ve had more experience dealing with liars than a damn polygraph machine. How does a liar constantly presume that no one knows they are full of crap? Lying is an act of pathetic cowardice.

I’ve never seen the point to lying. First, I have the guts to tell the truth and be honest about how I feel about things and people, and second, trust is so crucial with my friends, my family, my boyfriend, the kids. I would be ashamed to be caught lying to any of them.

Unfortunately, however, respect for others, or having a backbone and integrity, are not high on the list of concerns of several people I know, who can lie as naturally as they breathe…then, of course, accuse someone else of lying when their cover is blown.

What about you? How did you rate as a bullshit detector?

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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6 Responses to Can You Spot a Liar?

  1. furiousBall says:

    I’m pretty decent, but this quiz said I was the same as you

  2. Yep me too. Lying to me? Don’t even try it, buster!

  3. SMILF says:

    I am pretty good at spotting them. I need to take this quiz though! I am a horrible liar as well so even if I wanted to, no way could I.

  4. I am an excellent bullshit detector!! 😉 It was well cultivated with years of being married to a drug abuser/cheater and many other unmentionables…;-) My liedar is keen.

  5. Dijea says:

    I am a walking bullshit detector! Seriously, I am.

  6. amy says:

    Not so much, I tend to trust people face value, I figure if they are going to lie let them soak in their own guilt. For most of the liars it becoems such a way of life they have no idea what the truth really is and actually believe their own lies. ICK.As a super honest person, but a guilt ridden Catholic, I suppose if we just looked at the tell tale signs though, many people could think I was a liar:( I lied once in 3rd grade and have harbored the guilt ever since, so if I even think about lying I blurt it out and tell on myself:)good postAmy

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