More Demon Cat

Living up to his reputation as sanity-challenged, this morning my cat Sylvester was on fire, tearing around the house like I fed him chocolate cake, soda, and sugar bombs for breakfast. As I was finishing my make-up at the bathroom mirror, he cannonballed into the room, leap-frogged from the toilet seat, and hurled himself at the window, with what intent, I have no clue. The blinds were down, so his big, furry body didn’t fit on the slippery windowsill (old-school tile sills), and he flung out all four feet to catch his balance on the windowsill and the towel rack.

I turned, exasperated, and commanded, “Calm down, now!”

As if he understood exactly what I said, he completely froze, suspended mid-air with his legs tossed all around, and in the silence that followed, I could almost hear the creaking, squeaking rusty wheels turning in his scrambled mind: “If I stay…very still…she can’t see me!”

I sighed and went back to my make-up. Cats can be so obnoxious. Later, as I dashed through the house to make sure all windows were shut, all blinds pulled up so the cats can see outside and don’t get it into their heads that they must destroy the said blinds in order to watch squirrels and birds they can’t catch anyway, and various other cat-proofing attempts, Sylvester leapt out like a hyperactive street robber from behind his scratching post, swung a Chewbacca paw at my leg, then bounded victoriously out of the room.

Would it be terribly wrong to accidentally on purpose let him sneak out the back door, with a little friendly help from my foot, then slam the door really fast and lock it, leaning against it with a huge sigh of relief and a delirious smile?


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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9 Responses to More Demon Cat

  1. Dijea says:

    No it wouldn’t be wrong, but trust me he would be back before you know it bombarding your windows and doors to be let back in.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    He has the most pitiful meow too, very sad and helpless sounding. I would cave.

  3. furiousBall says:

    cats have their own blend of crazy in the coffee filter of life

  4. Crys says:

    My cat was doing something very similar like that, bouncing around the room, wild eyed. I asked him where his stash was and told him to “Just say no.” Wild eyed he looked at me like I was crazy and went tearing out of the room.

  5. LOL! wouldn’t be wrong. We’ve done that with our nutty cat too…her reaction is pure entertainment especially if it’s raining outside.You have to get your laughs where you can. He seems to have an endless supply of them for you.

  6. HA! sounds like cleo -that is when we turn the can opener on (yesss to feed her tuna) she freakin flips OUT. such a good kitty normally but man that tuna sends her HAYWIRE!

  7. macocha says:

    My new sassy goes crazy when Mister comes home and starts swatting at him and chewing on his clothes…Mister just chuckles…she is 7 weeks old

  8. Demeur says:

    A heads up on the tuna. Don’t give kitty more than a quarter teaspoon. It’s not good for them. It has an enzyme that kills their vitamin B intake. Try some tuna flavor kitty food.When my hellcat gets cranked up I grab the lazer pointer and run her around the house a couple of times. Don’t get the light in her eyes though.

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