I finally saw the Lightning win!

If you are not already sitting down, please do so now, because I have some shocking news that may cause you to feel knocky-kneed and faint: the Lightning won against the Flyers last night!

I missed part of the first period, settling in for some couch-side hockey coaching about midway through the period. Okay, I have to be honest…”watching hockey” becomes synonymous with “took a nap” for me, because I wrap up in my Lightning blanket, which is super soft and the coziest and warmest blanket known to humanity. Then my cat Tweetie hops onto my lap (mostly for the luxury of said blanket) and starts purring like a Mack truck in my face, his paws massaging my chest in that making-biscuits kneading motion that only cats can do, and BAM…suddenly I’m comfy and soothed and nodding off.

My point? I woke up midway through the third period and was stunned to see that the Lightning had held onto their lead. Their favorite trick is blowing a lead, no matter how many points it is, in the final period so the defeat can be that much more agonizing. It was a nice change of pace to watch the third period dwindle down with the Lightning actually winning and not blowing it.


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7 Responses to I finally saw the Lightning win!

  1. I watched that game and while I, too, was afraid they’d blow the lead they didnt! Very exciting! The bf just shook his head when he heard me start yelping “Smitty won! Smitty won!” hahahaha Good times. 🙂

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    How funny, I thought of you every time they showed Smitty!

  3. Dijea says:

    I happy they won, Unstable & my Dallas Stars had a goalie malfunction last night. Not a pretty site. I am in Hockey mourning.

  4. furiousBall says:

    my Flyers looked like poo

  5. Mister-M says:

    It’s early yet, but the Flyers have disappointed so far given the surprising level of excitement they provided last year.Pffft!

  6. ok ummm I gotta say I am at a loss that they beat the Flyers but they are letting the freakin Panthers spank them?! WTH?!

  7. Smirking Cat says:

    The Lightning are nothing if not inconsistent. Part of their charm…?

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