Clip This!

If your job requires you to wear a badge, then you are all too familiar with the fashionable chunk of plastic ID flapping from your shirt collar or lapel. I have the pleasure of wearing a picture of myself from almost a year ago (and quite a few pounds ago, since I’ve lost weight) on my body every single work day, and my badge has spent countless hours lost on the floor of my car and clipped to my work bag in hopes of not losing it again.

A lot of people have to clip on that last piece of work bling every day, and it got me wondering: surely there are cool badge clips out there!

I don’t think they get much cooler than this leopard-print, monogrammed badge reel from
I wouldn’t actually mind clipping that to my body every single morning! It’s adorable. Hey honey, be a dear and add this to my Christmas list.

Maybe jeweled and sparkly is more your thing:

Or proclamations of faith, like this cross badge holder from from is this photo-holder badge clip:
No matter what badge clip I end up trading up for (the only one in the running, of course, is the leopard print one), it will have to pass a rigorous and crucial test: how fun is it for the kids to play with? I left my badge on one day when I met the kids at the park, and Sunflower especially found great entertainment value in seeing how far my badge could be stretched across the playground and then snapped back into its holder, only to be yanked out again to test its stretching capabilities once again. Amazingly it still works, didn’t snap me in the face while retracting (though this would have drawn endless laughter), and was none the worse for the wear.

Still…a monogrammed leopard print badge holder would be damn cool.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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6 Responses to Clip This!

  1. Mister-M says:

    Have you found <>“The Flyers beat the Lightning last night despite Hartnell’s stupid play with 16-seconds left in the game where I was in attendance”<> badge?

  2. that was really cool… though i dont have to wear a nametag there was lots and lots of other stuff to use there! very cool little boutique!

  3. Smirking Cat says:

    Mr. M, who are the Lightning? What Lightning? See, I have resorted to straight-up denial about my sucky hockey team.

  4. macocha says:

    my clip is my work brand…but I could always change it. I put mine on my pant’s pocket – can’t stand it on my lapel or shirt…ick

  5. Smirking Cat says:

    I clip mine to my pants too. I can’t stand it on my shirt or around my neck. I really like that leopard print one! It’s so cute.

  6. At work we call our badges “geek badges”. And Brighton makes an adorable long necklace/geek badge clip. I’m pretty for certain my BFF got it for me for X-mas.

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