Are you smarter than a kitten?

Apparently Gary and I can no longer go for walks. About a week ago we decided to go for a walk, and we ended up finding a stray puppy who adopted us and had us wandering all over town, trying to find his home, for at least an hour. We finally found a kind soul who agreed to take him in, and by the time we headed home, it was dark, windy, and raining.

This past weekend, we set out on a neighborhood hike with the kids, who insisted on makeshift walking sticks (large tree branches, really, that we found by the side of the road), so we struck quite the interesting picture strolling about the ‘hood, carrying our caveman clubs.

We decided to grab drinks at a store up the road, and as we neared the store, we heard a faint, plaintive “mew! mew!” from some bushes near the road.

Gary instantly tried to redirect my attention away from what was obviously a cat crying in the bushes, but my radar ears had zeroed in on the cat’s meow, and I instantly swung in the direction of the sound. Gary resigned himself to the fact that we were going to rescue whatever was meowing, and he reluctantly plunged into the bushes and soon emerged cradling a small black kitten.

I don’t think it would have mattered if he rounded up a rattler snake, an alligator, or a baby bobcat; the instant he emerged with what appeared to a living, potential pet-thing in his arms, the kids offered up a chorus of “Can we take it home?”

Bear in particular took to the tiny cat, and he fussed over the kitten like a natural born cat caretaker, urging me to move further away from the road when I took the kitty from Gary’s arms and pitching a fit when I later placed the kitten back on the ground. Apparently using its own legs was going to cause severe bodily harm, as both the cat and Bear immediately turned large, pleading eyes my way, so I picked the kitten back up and told Gary to go to the store without us; we would wait right there with the cat for all of us to walk home together.

The entire walk home, Gary was grumbling about how we didn’t bring a puppy home, but the cat was coming home with us, and other insufferable injustices of our world. I snuggled the kitten and told him to hold his ears for a bit until Gary’s mood passed, and in that fashion we made it back to our house.

Bear and I dished out some cat food for the kitten and fed him in the backyard. Bear sat down next to the kitten, watching him eat, gasping in horror if the kitten showed any signs of taking a step out of our yard, and warning Crybaby, our celebrity stray cat who likes to nap in the birdbath, to be nice or stay away.

Before bedtime, Bear checked on the kitten twice, making sure his accomodations in a box lined with a blanket were to his liking, but not without first trying to sweet-talk me into letting the kitten sleep inside. With 3 feline brats in the house already, I had to draw the line.

The kitten is a fixture of our yard now, though I need to find out if someone is missing him. He’s extremely friendly, playful, and trusting, characteristics not typical to an average stray cat. I can’t stand the idea of someone missing him and not knowing where he is, so I will post a Found ad today.

This morning, I checked on the little guy before I left for work and couldn’t find him. Gary called me from the front yard and said, “Look where he is!”

I wandered up front, and peeping at me from the edge of the roof was the little black kitten, afraid to get down. Gary fussed at him and scolded him and told him he wasn’t going to help him get down…then…sighed and climbed the porch railing until he could reach the meowing furball and lift him off the tree he had jumped to from the roof.

Gary turned to me with a disgusted look, the kitten outstretched monorail style on his arm, and said, “I thought you said cats were smart.”

Hmmmmph. I snuggled the kitten and held his ears so he wouldn’t hear such anti-cat talk. Well now, the kitten partook of a little adventure, got to see the roof, and was personally escorted down to the ground so he didn’t have to exert his little self…sounds smart to me!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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8 Responses to Are you smarter than a kitten?

  1. Syn says:

    Awwwww…that is so sweet. I love kittens. Can’t have them since developing allergies to the little furballs in my early 20’s but after having them all my life prior to that, I love the little things.

  2. you knew id soo comment… being a fellow cat lover! this sounds like us though.. i’ll see a stray cat /kitten and my hubby is all “dont touch it, you dont know where its been, blah blah blah” but then… he’ll walk over and pet her! if you dont find the new baby a home you should take a pix and let us see her!

  3. Smirking Cat says:

    Gary is pretending he doesn’t like the kitten, but shhhh, we know better 🙂 I can’t resist kittens. They are so fun and sweet.

  4. Syn says:

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing…it seemed like Gary fell for the little one too but had to act like he didn’t given climbing to get him unstuck and such. I don’t know him though so didn’t want to assume;)

  5. Sungold says:

    Hey, *no one* is smarter than a kitten, even if his brain is the size of a peanut. That goes doubly for men who act all curmudgeonly but then fall harder than anyone for the kitty.If you don’t find his humans, I bet he’ll be firmly lodged in your house within the next few weeks. And that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

  6. I’m the resident sap at my house – the one who gets sucked in by any animal with a hard luck story….

  7. phairhead says:

    you gotta post pix of the newest addition

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