"Second Chances": The Ex’s Blog

Who would have guessed that Gary’s ex and I share a passion for the book Divorce Poison? Granted, this surprising mutual interest didn’t appear to exist until after her repeated visits to my profile to scan my interests, and after my review of the book, most likely in an attempt to ensure I would eventually and inevitably stumble across her blog, but I’m sure that is mere coincidence.

Perhaps she and I can start a book club together, or a collaborative stepmom/biomom blog project. I am open to trying anything once.

Bloggers, especially stepmoms, are often accused of sharing only one side of the story. Here is a wonderful opportunity to make sure both sides are out there for your reading pleasure.

Click here to read Gary’s ex’s blog, called Second Chances.

I am beaming with pride to see I have turned her onto Statcounter to track her visitors! (By the way, even when a blogger has opted for the invisible Statcounter button, simply click “View” and then “Source” to scroll through the code of the blog.) Tucked all cozy near the bottom of this blog’s code is the code for Statcounter. Not as detailed as Clicky, but still not a bad choice.

Of course her version of the events of the past few years is a tad different from mine. I stand firmly by anything I have written here, but I trust that you have gray matter between your ears and can draw your own conclusions.

Happy reading!

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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19 Responses to "Second Chances": The Ex’s Blog

  1. Amy says:

    What came thru to me reading her blog was bitterness and hatred. Her blog doesn’t seem to be written with any real feelings, more written for you to read. Written to make her look good or to try and justify the hatred she’s feeling. Then she talks about God and his word and the next sentence is full or bitterness again. She needs to find the peace within herself to accept the changes in her life and the children and do what’s best for them. Not try to justify her hatred towards you and Gary as “what’s best for the kids”. Somehow she needs to get over her bitterness enough to realize that children need a father. Not to be little pawns used while she tries to re-invent herself, lose weight and find a new man. So sad for the kids. There can never be too many people to love a child in a child’s life.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    The situation has been hell for the kids. All they know is that the adults they love, don’t like each other, and two of those adults are their mom and their dad. I make a conscious effort to let the kids know they can love anyone they want, and it’s no one’s place to tell them they can’t. I am sure, though, even with such precautions, they are suffocating on the negativity and hostility all around them.

  3. Sharon says:

    I don’t know if you should have posted this link. She may be Gary’s Ex and a stalker, but you should have more respect. I think you all have a lot of growing up to do. Obviously the hate goes both ways, and you all need to get past it to put the kids first.

  4. Smirking Cat says:

    Sharon, I agree with you that the hostility goes both ways; that is readily apparent. I knew not everyone would agree with me posting the link. I don’t agree with pretending it doesn’t exist though. Much of the negative behavior has been permitted to continue because it is ignored.

  5. Syn says:

    “have been forced”There sure is a lot of that phrase in her posts. I can’t stand the “poor me…victim” mentality. It irritates.I agree that it seems to be written with you reading it in mind…like it’s written to you. Don’t you feel special? LOL.I blog to cope. I blog to vent. I blog to inform. I blog for money. I blog for fun. I blog for family. Never would I blog to the ex, lol. That would give her too much meaning in my life and who the heck wants that? Not with the way she is now. If she was a nice person and still not bitter after 14 years, it’d be different.

  6. Just Me :) says:

    Hum…You’ve made it no secret that you and the ex are BFF’s. I see the posting of her link as nothing more than acknowledging that she too has the freedom of speech too. She has some very solid and potentially beneficial goals. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to close to attaining them. She focuses on you. She is writing to you. How can she better herself or her children when she can’t seem to get over you. Hopefully for the benefit of everyone involved she can accomplish her goals. She’d be a more stable, healthy, confident person.

  7. kimberlina says:

    WOW!“It usually takes about an hour for them to get settled down and to realize that I am not the horrible, evil person portrayed to the by others but that I am their mother and the only true source of stability that they have.”“To you, who I know reads this, your blog is trash. I know that and deep down so do you.”Isn’t it just so cute how she’s so judgmental and yet so “godly”? And prayerful?Reading her writing is like reading a rollercoaster. Maybe she’s bipolar? In just 3 posts it scares me how crazy binge-y she is with her eating.Is it just me, or is buying a smaller dress than you can wear a good motivational source? Somehow this seems wrong…

  8. Pam says:

    There is a difference between linking “This is a person I hate. Go flame them” and “Here’s her side of the story. Draw your own conclusions.”Hang in there, SC.

  9. Dagnabbit! Why can I not find a way to view her blog? All I can see is the profile.I suck. 😦

  10. Smirking Cat says:

    Never-Mom, that would be because she apparently took it down today.

  11. dragonmctt says:

    Apparently she couldn’t take the scrutiny ; )

  12. Smirking Cat says:

    Writing about me must have been more fun when no one read it.

  13. Just Me :) says:

    Gosh Darn It! I didn’t get to finish reading!

  14. Smirking Cat says:

    There are truly better things to read online…like MY blog! Ha ha. 🙂

  15. I don’t get it? Why would linking to her site be bad? It’s not like you were sending your minions of readers to attack her or something-To me, what you seem to be saying is that you are open to seeing her side of it! I didn’t get the opportunity to see her blog before it disappeared- were people actually attacking her, or did she just get scared?All very interesting to me.

  16. Smirking Cat says:

    No, no one attacked her. She reads this blog multiple times a day, so perhaps she will leave a comment and answer the questions herself.

  17. I honestly dont see an issue with you posting the link to ‘that woman’s’ blog. In fact, I give you a nod for doing so as it you are basically pointing everyone to her side of the story if they care to view it. There is a big difference between it not being a secret that there’s no love lost between you and you all needing to “grow up”… you bringing up your frustrations, issues, etc on your blog and not using the kids as your mouthpiece is quite an example of you being a grown up and not instead deciding to go the route of manipulation and immaturity. Oh, but that is merely my opinion so take it for what its worth. 🙂 Bottom line here is that you are not a victim of life and she is. She looks to everyone else for where her life/existence is rather than her own choices. You do not strike me as a person who blames anyone else for the good or bad things in life. You make the most out of all situations and strive to make each better. Personally, I think that is the most threatening for people who feel victimized by everything and everyone (ie life). Just my 2 cents… 🙂

  18. I didn’t get to see it. It’s gone.

  19. Smirking Cat says:

    I know, it was deleted the same day I posted this. I was not surprised.

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