Munchkin and the Great Cat Toy Explosion

When I emerged from my comfy, warm caccoon of snuggly covers this morning (rather reluctantly, I may add), I stumbled into a cat toy explosion in our living room. Normally all the cats’ toys are tucked neatly into a basket in the corner, but in the middle of the night, a ruthless monster with no regard for my obsessive-compulsiveness tore madly through the room, flinging toys willy-nilly into every recess, and the aftermath was gruesome.

I was soon clued into the identity of this heartless beast by Gary, who scanned the mess and proclaimed, “That’s your kitten that does that.”

The kitten in question, the one we found recently meowing weakly in a bush, sat with a bemused look on his little face, waiting for his breakfast and oblivious to the havoc he had bestowed upon our living room.

Hmmmph. I picked up the toys and put them neatly back in the basket, but I suspect this is going to be like handing a rattle back to a mischievous baby, to be flung back over the side of the crib just to behold the youngster’s power to induce an adult to retrieve it…again…and again.

Why do I still refer to the little guy as “the kitten” instead of a proper name, you may ask? I call the kitten “Munchkin”, and Bear calls him “Sweetie Pie”, while Gary tagged him with the affectionate moniker, “Cross-Eyed Little Turd”. The kitten regards Gary with a decidedly forgiving face and seems to be gently thinking “You know not what you do”, then moves in for a loving nuzzle.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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8 Responses to Munchkin and the Great Cat Toy Explosion

  1. hehe! only a cat. all of cleos toys used to be contained on one corner of our den… come along to odie.. you cant walk through the den without hitting a tinkling ball, or something!

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    One of the toys is a life-size rat. They love it, but stumbling across that in a dimly-lit room is NOT fun!

  3. Just Me :) says:

    Oh that sounds just like what happens to me! only it’s toddler toys that i stumble upon while only 1/2 awake 🙂 with the occational doggy toy and cat toy thrown in.

  4. phairhead says:

    personally i love it when cats turn everyday objects into annoying cat toys : )

  5. Dijea says:

    We always name our cats after Stars players or Coaches. We’ve had Hitchcock and now the ever famous Manx and bear of a cat. TURCO. He loves me and next time he snuggles up to me I’m going to text Unstable Blogger “I’m snuggling up to Turco right now.” Do you think she’ll have a fit?

  6. Smirking Cat says:

    One of my cats adores the cardboard strip when you open a new box of cat litter. He hunts it all over the house and actually hides it to come back to it later.

  7. kweenmama says:

    I so miss having cats! I grew up with cats, but married a man with allergies to cat dander–and the kids seem to have inherited the curse. So, even though I am no longer married to their father, I still can’t have cats. 😦I can just picture the cat with his “forgiving face.” Cute!

  8. Crys says:

    Fat Cat adores the clear plastic tops on water bottles. They sure hurt like hell when you accidentally step on one as you’re walking in the dark to the bathroom. Kitty landmine.

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