Getting all the way to the kids yesterday evening was starting to seem like an impossible undertaking. The drive is over an hour long, with plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong. And they did. After battling wicked traffic, a car accident blocked both lanes of our side of the road, and I could feel Gary’s tension and aggravation rolling off of him as we sat and sat and sat. I didn’t have to wonder when traffic started moving again, because Gary called out “Okay, GO” like a military commander, and we were on our way once again.

The kids ran to the car when we pulled up, and seeing their faces, how excited they were to see their dad, makes almost anything worth it. I felt like one of those circus acts with clowns tumbling in and out of a car, trying to get everyone seated and ready to go, since of course all four of them wanted to sit next to Gary. He hopped into the backseat, no easy feat for someone over 6’6″, and after diverting Bear from experimentally pressing all the buttons on the dash, we were ready to go.

Ever spend just over 2 hours with 4 kids and try to help each of them feel like they have your undivided attention? Eating dinner, running around on the playground, each of them just wanted to be with their dad. I paused at the playground to watch Gary with the kids at the swings, how he had all 4 of them engaged in play, all of them laughing, each one feeling special to him, and I admire his ability to do this, to make each one of them feel loved and treasured.

A few people have told Gary they were afraid of him when they first met him, because he is so tall. I was surprised when he told me that. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched a 2 year old (and a kitten) reduce him to baby talk, a 5 year old persuade him to let her put lipstick on him, a 7 year old snuggle with him like nobody’s business, and a 10 year old talk comic book characters like the world depended on it. It’s hard to be fearful of someone who routinely is covered head to toe with kids, laughing and just wanting to be with him.


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5 Responses to Pause

  1. Just Me :) says:

    I’m glad to hear you guys managed to a week night visit! I know they’re short (especially with your drive) but it’s so worth it! Helps with the kidternity they feel between, every other weekend, visits!

  2. i love the way your life sounds… like mine its far from perfect of course… but still really really good! btw… over 6’6… man oh man! that is a tall one you got!!

  3. Dijea says:

    The gentle giants are the softest touch. My grandfather was a gentle giant. 6’5 and an ex-Nose tackle/center. He was the biggest push over and so full of love. He would never have hurt a flea.

  4. Crys says:

    That’s great that you guys were able to make it out there, despite all the traffic. Those moments are totally worth it!

  5. Michael totally makes a room of children silent…he walks in and they all turn to look at him and their heads drop back in silence. It’s hilarious. And then they attack him as if he were a playground. His kids of course are naturally tall and don’t get what all the fuss is about. 🙂I’m glad you had a good time! I can just picture 4 kids running full speed ahead at your car and barreling inside and on top of their dad. So cool!

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