Kids’ Wishes for the World

Over 28,000 kids drew a design to appear on Google’s home page, with the theme, “What I Wish for the World”. Now you get to vote for the winner by clicking here: Doodle 4 Google. Just click on the tab of each grade group (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12) and vote for your favorite.

Iysis Ruiz, age 9, from Lamar Elementary in Del Rio, Texas, drew this one, one of my favorites:

The wish for the world for this picture is: “I wish peace for the world. The wars must stop and all the people of the world must be friends and take care of one another. The doves represent peace and they are carrying the world to a better place, a place where everyone can be friends and love each other. My wish, I hope, will take place as soon as possible.”

There’s something about kids’ drawings and words about world peace, endangered animals, the environment, and other issues that really drives home what we are passing along to our children. Maybe a committee of kids could get past egos and political agendas to make a real difference.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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8 Responses to Kids’ Wishes for the World

  1. furiousBall says:

    a nine year old drew that!!!! wow

  2. Just Me :) says:

    If only they could old on to those ideals as they grow up and not become grudge holding adults…we could only be so lucky.

  3. wow! i love this. im heading there now to check it out.. and btw.. is that kid TALENTED or what?!?! he drew that and he’s only 9!!

  4. phairhead says:

    that’s amazing that a 9 y/o has such insight

  5. Smirking Cat says:

    These kids put most adults to shame, that’s for sure.

  6. Crys says:

    Those are all really amazing. Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know that this was going on.

  7. Day says:

    I saw that yesterday and voted. There were so many great ones it was hard to choose.

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