Seen and Heard

Some of my top picks from all ’round the blogosphere:

1. In between pics of Faith Hill and the usual dish of diet tips/recipes for chocolate desserts that are staples in women’s magazines, make sure you check out Stepmama Drama in the recent issue of Redbook! After reading her post about being featured in the magazine, I grabbed an issue and had to read about her and her stepkids. Congratulations, Stepmama Drama! The photo and the article are beautiful, and it was exciting to see a blogging buddy in a magazine 🙂

2. Stepfamily Sanctuary always has a post or poll that captures my attention. (The current poll is “Has the ex tried to come in between you and your spouse/significant other?”) Post topics range from Mother’s Day for stepmoms, being involved in decision-making, and other subjects that are just different in a stepfamily situation.

3. Unapologetically Female hits the nail on the head and leaves me nodding mine in agreement, with posts like The Question of Chivalry and “Girl Push-Ups“. (I hate that phrase too; I can pop a push-up on my hands and toes, thank you very much, and I am very much a woman, not a girl.) Hmmph.

I have actually been working and not blogging at work this week, so that is it for now…my deepest and humblest apologies for this reckless negligence! I shall let thy in-box pile up to make up for it. Enjoy these 3 great blogs in the meantime, and be prepared for the pop quiz, kiddos.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to Seen and Heard

  1. LOL!!! I made an SC post?! To be honored by SUCH a cool stepmom/blogland buddy is the BEST! Thanks for recognition!

    I just found out today that the stepdad didn’t know about it. And Taylor STILL hasn’t seen it!! I think her mom is hiding it from her!

    I talked to him on the phone and he congratulated me on the article.

    His mom showed it to him and he promised me that Taylor would get to see it the next time they go to his mother’s house!!

    I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am they have a good stepparent in their life in TX!!

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