As you live your life dancing from lie to lie, are you surprised or saddened, or perhaps darkly proud, to see your children pick up the same dance steps and smilingly, innocently waltz behind you?

Does your hypocrisy taste sweet or bitter on your plastic tongue?

When the truth takes shape in front of their widening and hurt eyes, and they fumble with who you truly are, will you expect them not to question, not to be angry, not to be painfully disappointed?

When you have force fed them disrespect until they choked, how do you expect them to respect you?

As you indignantly rage against their words and their anger, boomeranged back to you, familiar and worn-out though you feign disbelief, do your self-fitted blinders permit even the merest glimmer of reality to understand:

They learned it from you?

*Children Learn What They Live is copyrighted by Dorothy Law Nolte*

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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6 Responses to Hypocrite

  1. Just Me :) says:

    Don’t you hate watching the sweet kids you know they can be turn into nothing more then the scum with which they come from.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    Kids deserve for everyone in their lives to at least recognize they have heightened responsibility when they are around children, responsibility to teach, responsibility to lead them. Unfortunately too many kids are being taught and being given examples by malfunctioning adults.

  3. Dijea says:

    So true! We must be good examples!

  4. unbelievably true… for a certain someone in our life i want to say… your child will grow up to be like YOU… do you want that??? it really sad though… we can have as much as an influence as possible, but really (in my situation) its just a plain fact that they are with their mother more.. i only hope we can strengthen him along to be better than his mom.

  5. Crys says:

    It’s totally disappointing to me to see that some parents have no drive to be responsible or lack the ability to see what they are doing to their children.

  6. Syn says:

    Our problem is the ex DOES want them to be just like her as an adult – cold, distant, hostile and not trust anybody but their own little circle of her and the two kids. She is SO PERFECT that she is all they need. (Excuse me while I go yak now.) She thinks there is nothing wrong with her personality. She’s not found a man in her 40-something years who she could drag down the aisle…heck, she hasn’t had a date in more than 14 years now. You’d think she’d get a clue.

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