When Dove finally joined us on Saturday, since she gets dropped off much later than the older kids, we quickly changed clothes and headed off to a park nearby with a small beach. The kids wasted no time hitting the water, and I stood in the shallow water near the shore to play with Dove and her collection of new friends who were building and demolishing a sand castle over and over again with the intent concentration of distinguished architects.

Gary was in the deeper water, entertaining the kids by lifting them onto his shoulders and letting them leap off into the water. Then he was picking them up and tossing them like beach balls, which was apparently highly amusing, since they would surface with a breathless, “Do it again!” amid chants of “My turn! My turn!”

Every time I looked up, Gary was covered with kids, hanging from his neck, dangling down his back, standing on his shoulders. I started to really laugh, though, when the collection of kids began to include other people’s children, lined up in the water like they were waiting their turn on an amusement park ride. Every last one got a chance to dive from Gary’s shoulders or be tossed in the air, and long after his arms had to be numb or sore, Gary kept hoisting them up. He was completely circled by laughing, smiling kids reaching for him.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but think, yes, here he is, ladies and gentlemen…the one repeatedly accused of being a vicious, abusive drunk, an easy lie to fall back on since he is so tall, since hey, we all know that big guys are bullies, right? Yep, here is the very same terrible ogre, known to induce uncontrollable knee-trembling among all women because his favorite pasttime is knocking them senseless (relative to the sense they possessed to start with, I suppose), a beer-swigging, fist-swinging, horrible monster…

…standing there with a little boy on his shoulders, laughing, asking the other kids to clear a spot so the boy could dive from his shoulders, a sea of little kids waiting their turn to play with him (okay, on him, preferably his shoulders), patiently giving each one a turn and making sure they enjoyed themselves.

Yeah. What a bad guy. Four little kids in particular have him wound tight around their little fingers, and each of them want nothing more than to be with him. Dove eventually abandoned the sand castle project and ended up in her daddy’s arms, and I watched the kids around her age who cried, didn’t want to explore the water, wanted the safety of the sand, while she giggled fearlessly in her father’s arms, comfy and safe and happy right where she was.

The lies will never stop. This I know. Some people simply misplaced priorities long ago and refuse to set them straight now. Hurting Gary, at any price, is the name of the game, and if the kids need to be lied to, brainwashed, and dragged through hell to do it, then so be it.

The people who falsely accuse him of abuse have had years to watch, just as I did, the way kids are drawn to him, the way he will sacrifice to bring a smile to their faces, the way kids literally line up to be near him. The absurdity of a lie, however, clearly does not prevent it from dripping from a bitter mouth.

When the kids finally emerged from the water, shrivelled like prunes, they were beaming, asking me excitedly, “Did you see me? Did you hear me yell to you? Did you see me waving at you?”

After a day of playing in the water and then on the playground, everyone was soon ready for a nap…well, except for Bear, who seems to be solar-powered and certainly does not lack in energy. We headed home, sleepy but happy. Dove tucked herself into Gary’s arm and fell asleep, using him as a pillow, holding his arm like a security blanket.

Yeah. Real scary guy.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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11 Responses to Amusement

  1. Just Me :) says:

    okay so Dove surely can't be far from the age Sunflower was when this all started (not that I think she should have ever been shafted due to age but I would think this rational would help you guys get it changed). Why is she still restricted from visiting the full length of time?!?! oh how the system constantly fails our children.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    You nailed my thoughts exactly. Yes, Sunflower was Dove's age when this mess started. Hypocricy and lack of common sense are in no short supply, and the kids pay for it.

  3. i really have no idea of the whole story here… but jeez… i don't EVEN know these precious kids you always talk about… but this makes me so, so sad for their sake… we've been there though.. promise you that.. we have.

  4. Smirking Cat says:

    Randi, I just sent you an email.

  5. thnx… heading there now to check it out.

  6. Firstly, Gary sounds perfectly amazing. Good catch!
    On the same page as Randi, though, I feel very sad for the kids, who sound just incredible. They don't deserve what they're going through.
    Good on ya for giving them a great day to remember.

  7. Sounds like such a great time!! Gary sounds amazing, what a great hubby, the kids are lucky to have him as a father. I understand having to deal with lies and see how much it hurts/confuses the children. It is so hard to watch. I am so glad you and Gary are able to appreacite the good times….instead of focusing on the bad.

  8. mean stepmom says:

    The kids will know the truth, and that is all that really matters. I would not be surprised if they even defended his honor when they heard such accusations.

    I'm glad you had a fun day!

  9. Dijea says:

    Most of us don't see the prize in front of our faces – you my dear have and what a joy it is.

  10. Georgina says:

    What a refreshing post! (and I'm not just saying that because it's 6:45 in the morning and I already feel like my face has melted off in this heat wave). Dad's often get such a bad rap. Sometimes we as steps feel invisible, but often Dad's get just as maligned by the Ex's as we do. At the end of the day, those kids will know who loves them, inspite of whatever anyone tells them.

  11. Crys says:

    That's terribly sad that some people feel so passionate about hurting Gary and don't seem to either give a darn or a care that it's really the kids that they're hurting. I always hear such happy times with the kids. I'm sure that as they get older they'll be able to trust their instincts about what's right and what's a lie.

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