Baby Repellent

It’s raining babies! After flipping through 90 (yes, 90) pictures of my brother’s new baby girl this past week, Gary and I went to visit friends in the hospital and said hola to their one-day old baby girl. I couldn’t figure out what was more amazing: the tiny new person wrapped tightly in a blanket, watching us through half-closed, peaceful eyes, or the new parents who couldn’t stop looking at her and smiling with unabashed infatuation.

When Gary held the baby, she cuddled into his chest and wound her little hands tight around his thumb, content and complacent, latched on like she’d never let go. When it was finally my turn to hold her, I reached up for her eagerly but nervously…and she cried, fussed, thrashed her arms, and practically filed a police report until I unhanded her and backed away with my hands where she could see them.

Gary leaned into me and said softly, “Don’t be so worried. She’s not as breakable as you are afraid she is.”

Yeah, well, she is tiny and new and sure looked plenty breakable to me.

I wanted to pout and stubbornly ignore her charms after that, but I just couldn’t resist leaning over her to whisper to her, watch her, laugh at the way she wiggled her hands next to her cheeks like she was mocking us (or at least me; she was probably taunting “Try to hold me again, baby-repellent lady! I’ll spit up on you!”)

I refrained from a second attempt at holding her, afraid she would shriek for a SWAT team and K-9 dogs, but before we left, I leaned over her one last time to say good-bye, and she closed her amazingly tiny hand tightly around my fingers. Perhaps it was merely reflex, or maybe a slick self-defense restraint move. Whichever, I’ll take it.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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7 Responses to Baby Repellent

  1. I'm with you on that…babies always seem to get this Elvis snarl when I'm near them. And holding them? Forget it. I can totally manage toddlers, but babies and I have a convoluted history.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    According to Gary, the baby crying when I held her was because “Babies can sense evil.” Har har. He's a riot.

  3. Crys says:

    I too get all nervous holding those tiny little bodies. They don't always cry, but those teeny tiny babies sure have a way of trying to trap you in. 🙂

  4. Awe what a special moment, babies usually cry when I hold them as well!! Except for this weekend, I held a 5 week old boy for over an hour, and got him to fall asleep. Everyone kept commenting on my “natural” abilities. Little did they know this was my first success…I cherished it. Babies are true miracles.

  5. Georgina says:

    Awe, I felt the same way too about holding my baby nieces at first. I felt so awkward but my husband was a natural. It was both heart-melting and heart-breaking to see because while I was happy that he adored my nieces, I was sad knowing that I wouldn't be having a baby of our own that he could cuddle.

  6. Syn says:

    They're amazing little things but definitely not breakable (look at what they go thru to get into the world:)

    When I held my one-day old niece last week, she was good at first and then started screeching. Right back to mom she went! That's the beauty of it – I love babies but after having four of my own and two stepkids, I get to GIVE BACK the crying baby now!

  7. for some reason… babies do that to me too… i love babies- but they just dont always seem happy!

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