Where Have I Been?

I’ve been largely AWOL from this blog recently, and also from reading or commenting on anyone else’s. Luckily there is a very good reason for this: I have been making some major changes in my life lately.

I have written here before about working at a hospice, and while I have tremendous respect for much of the staff there, unfortunately my most direct supervisors were not among that crowd. With personalities like rotwood and the professionalism of a Stooges brother, my supervisors and I never quite saw eye-to-eye. I did not enjoy showing up there every day, and any reward for working with hospice was clouded by putting up with them.

Long story short, it came to a head a few weeks ago, and I launched a major job search, sending over 50 resumes and applications. In this economy, I didn’t expect much, but what I got was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Out of over 160 applicants, I survived a phone interview, an email screening questionnaire, and 2 intense in-person interviews. (My second interview was over 2 hours long!) I really wanted this job, and I put my all into preparing for the interviews, researching the company, practicing how to answer questions, yet still forcing myself to recognize that the odds of landing this job, out of 160 people, were pretty slim.

Well…I beat the odds, and I was offered the job. I felt sad leaving hospice, knowing that things could really be better there with more professional management and oversight, but I didn’t anticipate much changing there anytime soon. So I packed up my plants, pictures, and wide array of pens (I have a fetish of sorts with good pens) and moved on.

If you have worked in positions where you don’t quite fit, or that doesn’t use half the skills you have, then you know the immense relief and feeling of spreading wings that finding something more suited for you brings. I am proud of being chosen from so many applicants, and I am grateful for the position, for the positive change in my life, for great co-workers, and oh yeah, a beautiful, large office. Sayanora, cubicles and cramped, closet-sized offices!

I couldn’t wait for the kids to get here this weekend so we can all celebrate as a family. After struggling so hard for so long, I am looking forward to taking everyone out for a nice dinner and enjoying ourselves.

I saved the best for last…my new boss is a hockey fan! Okay, a Red Wings fan, but I will let that slide. For now.

*Photo courtesy of answers.com*

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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14 Responses to Where Have I Been?

  1. Sungold says:

    You bet I know that expansive joy that comes with escaping a deadening job. I'm so pleased for you, and I hope your new job will bring you lots of satisfaction along with the paycheck.

  2. phairhead says:

    congrats!!!! whatcha gonna be doing?

  3. Dijea says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful. It does feel good to leave a job that is not quite right.


  4. Congrats! I am happy for you. Wish you all the best for the new job. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I know how you feel! My last job tried to start making me work weekends 2 weeks before my wedding. HELLO. No one can work 6/7 days a week 2 weeks before their wedding. That was the icing on the cake. I got a job within a month of coming back from my honeymoon. Better pay, my OWN office (yay for no more cubicles) and my company is just so friendly and flexible. They have been great with supporting me in everything I have been going through recently with my Mom being in the ICU. SO are you still in the hospice profession? Hope you enjoy you new job!

  6. Heather T says:

    GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sharon says:

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the new job ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Smirking Cat says:

    No, I'm not with any hospice anymore. It's another human services agency, and I'm excited because not only does the position actually utilize my education, they will pay me to pursue more education if I want to. The benefits are great, and I am just really happy.

  9. Just Me :) says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! How exciting!

  10. Syn says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a great opportunity that you worked hard for and deserve!

    Being born in Detroit, the Red Wings aren't all bad:)

  11. Crys says:

    Good for you! Not everyone has the strength or the smarts to leave something they're not happy with. And congrats on the new job! And just look past the Red Wings fan aspect … at least your new boss likes hockey, right? He he.

  12. kimberlina says:

    congrats on your new job! i am SO glad you got it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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