Shut-Outs and Gator Sandwiches

See, miracles do happen. On Saturday, my dismally disappointing hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, shut out the New York Islanders, 4-0. Goalie Mike Smith stopped 30 shots and earned his first shut-out since December 2008. (That one was against the Pittsburgh Penguins. There will be a quiz later, boys and girls.)

Naturally I wasn’t watching this particular game, because I have a knack for only watching the games in which the Lightning shoot the puck into the other team’s goal, pick fights and get their rears trounced, and lose by a landslide.

Gary, too, was a happy little sports fan on Saturday, since his football team, Alabama, munched on the Gators for a 32-13 win. Given that there are no goalies, checking, or hockey sticks in football, it does not hold my attention, but I was happy for him anyway.

My Lightning gang take on the Capitals tonight, but I already have front-row reservations for a much more exciting game: the kids have soccer games tonight, and I’m clearing out of work early to make sure we catch as much of the games as possible! I reminded them there is no checking in soccer, so their opposing teams should be relatively safe.

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2 Responses to Shut-Outs and Gator Sandwiches

  1. Dijea says:

    Well at least your team doesn't ALWAYS GO TO A SHOOTOUT AND THEN LOSE! (The Stars aren't Stars this year)

    Sigh…not a great hockey year is it?

  2. ahhh… Smitty. *tearing up* Ok, no I'll be a big girl about this, I promise.. hehe The Bolts had such a good start to the season. WTF?? Honestly I think Tampa may have a little bit of the same problem Dallas does and that is a few of the “veteran” players have a little too much say in what goes on — although that seems to be not quite as bad as last year for us but possibly getting worse for you guys. *cough*cough*vinny*cough*

    ahhh Gary's Crimson Tide will be playing my Longhorns (HOOK 'EM!!) in early January for the National Championship. Should be a good game. Yeah, I know it is not hockey but I've been a Longhorns fan way longer than I've been a hockey fan. šŸ™‚ However, at the end of the day I am still a sucker for goalies LOL And speaking of goalies, TGC got her first shutout on 12/20! woo hoo!

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