Right Now

I think I will be one of the lonely little bloggers who doesn’t bore everyone with my year-in-review post. (Really, does anyone care anyway? I barely do.)

Not to say I haven’t reflected on the past year or conjured up my hopes and plans for the next; but if I have learned anything through the ups and downs of the past year or so, it is to set aside the over-analyzing and realize that what is happening right now…Gary is here, the kids are here, I got out of work early for the holiday, and we have a 3-day weekend ahead of us…is worth more attention right now.

Happy New Year!

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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2 Responses to Right Now

  1. phairhead says:

    Happy New Year, SC!

  2. hope your new year is going beautifully!!!!

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