Dumping out the scattered contents of my head this afternoon, this is what you would find as you sift through (assuming you would pick through my cranial trash):

* I thoroughly despise Lady GaGa’s song “Bad Romance” and believe any song that utters “ooh-la-la” in a bizarre monotone does not deserve any airplay…so WHY does this song entrench itself like an axe blade into my head and refuse to be dislodged?

* Being so stuffy this week that my ears are actually clogged has led to many interesting and amusing hearing errors where what I heard was decidedly not what was said…but what I heard was far more amusing.

* Time most definitely slows down on Friday afternoons and comes to a near standstill around 2 PM. Five o’clock, pick up the pace! I have a weekend to start!

* Someone who rarely eats red meat should have thought long and hard before devouring a burger at a greasy joint this afternoon for lunch. Oh, I’m not mentioning any names, but let’s just say I am pining away for the Tums at home in my medicine cabinet.

* Pants I haven’t worn in recent history were covered with cat fur when I unearthed them from my closet this morning. How does cat fur creep stealthily into my closed closet and make out with clothes waaaay in the back?

* Two hours and thirty-seven minutes to the weekend!

* The kids are arriving this evening and will probably already have their dad pinned to the floor by the time I get home from work.


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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8 Responses to Random

  1. furiousBall says:

    anything that enters my house is instantly covered in cat fur

  2. Sadly, I know pretty much all the words to the Lady Gagme songs they play on the radio. I'm really not a big fan of her's, besides the annoying songs, the fact that she doesn't understand whats considered appropriate and whats just trashy!

    Enjoy your weekend! Mine starts at 10 tonight, and lasts til Sunday when I pick up the girly from her dads.

  3. phairhead says:

    Bad Romance rules!

  4. Amy says:

    Have a good weekend with the kids!

  5. Lady Gaga is such a freak! But I am addicted to dancing and her songs all have phenomenal dance beats. So sorry, Cat…I love her music. However, I completely and totally agree that she is out of her flippin' mind.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that I am miserable and sick too, and I am so terribly glad that it's the weekend so I can get a break.

  6. AngryDad says:

    i am male, and still enjoy me some lady ga ga. she's crazy, but not crazy in a bad way like my ex. hope you had a good weekend.

  7. actually.. i pretty much despise lady gaga period… for some reason, she totally creeps me out…

    hope you had a fabulous wkend!!!

  8. Living life says:

    Ugg as soon as I read that I had the putrid song in my head. My peaceful thoughts are with you, wishing you and the family more happiness and less hardships SM! I was in tears reading the Ugly and closer posts. Ignorance is bliss and YOU deserve better! This comes straight from a Biomoms mouth and heart! xx

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