Not-so-Crazy Cat Lady

Dang it! According to this highly-scientific quiz on, I am only 50% crazy cat lady. I need to apply myself and work up to my potential.

Gary will be surprised by these results, as he is often caught off-guard by me singing to or talking to the cats, the baby-talk, or even me carrying Tweetie to his breakfast (hey, he’s elderly!) It is not uncommon for me to wrap up a snazzy rendition of “Who’s my baby?” and glance up to see Gary hesitantly reaching for his phone, uncertain which mental institution will accept me at such late stages of dementia.

So…who can beat me on crazy-cat-lady-ness? What is YOUR score?


About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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4 Responses to Not-so-Crazy Cat Lady

  1. u carry tweetie to his b/fast.. lol, im laughing very loudly!

    but its ok.. im pretty sure im in the same boat as you!!

    have a lovely wkend!!!

  2. I should take this quiz for the Kid… Princess has 4 cats in her tiny apartment… He calls her everyday to check on the cats. He also talk to and about the cats in baby voices… this in an 11 year old boy… sigh….

  3. Crys says:

    I got a 67% although I think my husband would give me 98.9% for all the spiffy gadgets my cat has and for having a cat blog. Ha ha.

  4. Sungold says:

    Yikes, I scored higher than you (67%) even though I don't have a cat anymore!

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