Shrunken Heart

In over 3 years of being at Gary’s side for these constant custody/court/bullshit battles, I have never gone to court with him…until today.

When he and his ex were called into the courtroom, I waited outside on the bench with his ex’s father sitting just down the hall from me. I thought I would feel angry, tense. I did not. I didn’t even feel uncomfortable.

Instead, I felt numb. I pictured the kids sitting along the length of dark, shiny bench stretching along the wall beside me. I wondered how I would explain to them that people they love need to be in a courthouse in the first place. I pictured their faces as they heard the lies and accusations boldly tossed in our direction, all in the name of winning a hearing, truth be damned. I wondered how they would react to watching themselves become lost in the shuffle, forgotten, volleyed about like tools in a system that puts on such a good show of being all about the children yet really uses them to pursue self-interests.

Then again…don’t they see and hear that already?

How would the kids feel hearing a lawyer call Gary a bad father, a bad person?
I wonder if any lawyer who supports a malicious parent’s actions could sit down face-to-face with the children involved and explain to them how the almighty dollar is more important than protecting them, or why lying is okay if it means you win a round in the courtroom.

I don’t believe it would make a difference. Once a heart shrinks to the point that you are willing to cut a child’s throat to line your own pockets, no lawyer…or parent…is genuinely human any longer.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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7 Responses to Shrunken Heart

  1. I hope the kids weren't present in the court room. It is so sad that everything comes down to money in these situations… it is disgusting. We luckily were able to get the judge to agree that we don't have to pay child support. We just reimburse Princess for expenses when she produces a receipt for things like hair cuts, school supplies and clothes ect.

    I hope things went in your favor, keep us updated.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    No, the kids were not in court, but they are subjected to the same lies elsewhere. They are protected from it anywhere, it seems.

  3. I have often wondered this myself. How do the kids know what it true and what isn't these days? Thank you for this post.

  4. Amy says:

    So sorry that these idiots keep dragging the kids down into their mentally ill state.

    Hope all went well for you and Gary!

  5. Crys says:

    I really feel for those children. I can't imagine what it's like to live with someone who treats them like that. Much love to you all.

  6. im glad that at least today they didn't have to do court..

    but one of the most important things i got from this…. “lost in the shuffle”

    so so sad..

  7. This post brought tears to my eyes. I agree with everything you say here and I so wish things were different.

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