Daddy in Training

This past weekend, I was gearing up to work out at home when Wolverine, who is 11 but sometimes going on 41, cast an unapproving glance at my shorts and asked me, “Don’t you think those are a little short?”

Mind you, these shorts graze my knees, are baggy camoflauge sweatpant material, and are about as provocative as a paper sack. He has taken issue in the past with an ankle-length skirt I was wearing that had a walking slit, because then boys could see my leg.

I need to be careful: I think his next step may be setting a curfew for me. At least he already approves of my boyfriend!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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9 Responses to Daddy in Training

  1. Amy says:

    That is so very sweet!

  2. Same thing happened to me with my oldest stepdaughter! She was like, “Um…wait…you have…shadowy stuff” and pointed to my cleavage, like I didn't know it was there. I was going out with some friends so my shirt was a little low-cut, but apparently any kind of “shadowy stuff” is just not okay. LOL!

  3. hahaha… this is SO funny to me.. cute too!

  4. haha, my SS said the same thing to me, and my shorts passed the “finger” test… when you put your hands at your sides and your shorts have to be longer than the tip of your fingers…

  5. Awww…I love kids with old souls. My stepson always tells me my clothes are too small. I later figured out it's because his mom wears sweatpants and men's t-shirts so he's not used to women wearing normal women's clothing. I am not a provocative dresser (former fat girl complex), in fact I won't even wear anything above the knee. It's always funny to me when he tells me that my shirt looks like its for a little kid.

  6. Crys says:

    Ha ha, that cracks me up. The boys are fascinated in watching me put on make up because they're mother doesn't wear any. You'd think I was painting art on a canvas the way they gawk at it in awe.

  7. Mister-M says:

    That… is… hysterical!

  8. kimberlina says:

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