Happy Father’s Day, Gary!

The kids will arrive home this evening, and I know that means I won’t have time to craft a Father’s Day post this weekend. So here it is, a few days early.

Over nearly four years together, I have grown to love watching Gary and the kids together. Reading with them, drawing with them, riding bikes, turning them upside down, tickling, wrestling, soothing them after a bump or fall, engaged in intense discussion about superheroes, making up songs, cooking with them, teaching each other sweet dance moves, snuggling quietly, even picking on me for being short, you name it…there is a look in the kids’ eyes that is true adoration when they are with him.

I might suppose I am just biased in this regard…except that total strangers see it too.

Sitting at restaurants or racing around a playground, we have been approached by others in public to comment on how fun it was to watch Gary and the kids together. Gary has been told by strangers how great it is to see a father so involved with his kids. I remember an elderly woman commenting to us what a beautiful family we make.

An element of amusement is thrown in when this happens in the town where the kids were taken to, the town where dramatic lies have been spread from one end of the hayseed town to the other about the villian that Gary is, what a deadbeat he is, a violent, uncontrollable man! When approached by people in this town, people are inevitably struck speechless when Gary introduces himself. He’s that guy? Yep, the one and only. I can’t help but smile as I watch them struggle with what they have been told compared with what is right before their eyes.

The kids are Gary’s life. Nothing is more important to him than those four little people, and it is easy to see they feel the same way about him. It is even more beautiful in light of all the attempts that have been made to keep them apart and turn the kids against him. The kids are energetic, loving, happy, peaceful, and hopeful in his arms…as they should always be.

Happy Father’s Day, Gary! I know you always say you don’t want a present from me or from the kids. But I hope you know you deserve the world.

*Father’s Day cartoon courtesy of Daryl Cagle*


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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6 Responses to Happy Father’s Day, Gary!

  1. This is a prime example of not believing everything you hear… I had the same issue with BM saying shit about me at little league… some of the Mom's didn't know who I was and were talking about me right in front of me! Then I introduced myself “Hi, I'm “The Bitch,” Nice to meet you!” LMAO. Guess I didn't look so evil in person….

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    It's amazing anyone would take this person's word with any merit, given the frequency with which she lies.

    The lies are so dramatic and over-the-top that no one could possibly live up (or down) to them…except the person spreading the lies to start with!

  3. People love drama though and a good story. Hubbs is from a small town and PEG lives there now with the son, you would be shocked to hear some of the crap she says, most of the people in the town know that she lies, they know her family lies, yet they choose to believe it because its gossip and they have nothing else to do. So glad Gary gets to show his true colors and all that really matters is the kids. If they can see past all the BS, the world is a good place. Hope you all have a very happy fathers day!

  4. Amy says:

    The best revenge is when people see Gary for who he really is instead of the total BS that the ex spreads about him. You would think that these people would use what brains God gave them and not listen to the ex to start with.

  5. kimberlina says:

    🙂 this post makes me happy. i'm glad that you go to the park! <3 kids + outdoors is always a good combo. always.

    and happy belated father's day, gary!

  6. Mister-M says:

    What an awesome “comic.”

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