If any of the following apply to you:

A. The child support you receive each month is nearly twice your paycheck from your deliberate under-employment;

B. You, by choice, do not work year-round to contribute your own support for the children;

C. You live with your daddy and mummy despite your supposed adult status;

D. You have no adult financial responsibilities due to this long-standing living arrangement;

E. You spend the minimum possible on the children and lean toward Walmart clearance items that are several sizes too small or too big, so long as feigning your care for the kids doesn’t eat into what you consider your cut of the check;

…or, particularly, if all of the above items apply to you…

…then stomping your foot like a spoiled brat and demanding a payment that is not due for two and a half more weeks can only come off as just a wee bit greedy.

Ah, but I am quite certain every penny will be spent only on the children.


*Greed image courtesy of the The Million Dollar Penny*


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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11 Responses to Greedy

  1. That subject gets my blood pressure through the roof in a second. Our PEG makes money off of having a child with a man she was never married to. The money we pay for covers all her bills for the son, his medical insurance and we split all copays. She has yet to spend any of her own money on her own kid!!! It drives me insane, the court systems are a completely mess. The court is designed to take care of the dead beat dads, but for those fathers who are upstanding citizens, make good money and want to be a part of their childrens lives suffer because of the cost they have to incur while the mother gets a payday. It disgusts me.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    Per our court system (and in the heads of PEWs), an egg donor's responsibility for a child, particular of the financial sort, ended once the contractions began. The kids become poker chips instead of people.

  3. Minnie says:

    Um, did you break into my brain?

    Everything but E applies, because that would assume she's purchased ANYTHING.

  4. wow
    this lists SEEMS SO FRIGGIN FAMILER to me… living w/ mom and dad.. being UNEMPLOYED… add this.. taking presents for the kids BACK to the store they came from to get cash for the items!

    or this.. calling hubs last week and telling him about a job.. that would probably pay more than what he's doing now.. and then mentioning that if he applied not to forget that child support would need to be changed/ upped…

    bahahaha… i'm soo not having a good day! lol

  5. Right there with you on this one. BM refused to spend $2.00 on some ear plugs for SS, which we said we would pay her back for… because we didn't pay her back last time she bought him something…. Last time she supposedly bought him 2 pairs of $30 jeans, and didn't have a receipt… Do we look stupid?

  6. Smirking Cat says:

    To be so blatant about using the kids and seeing them as sources of income makes me ill. People like this should be ashamed, but they lack the integrity and morality to feel anything but proud of themselves.

  7. ChapmansRus says:

    Everything but C applies here… because she lives off of hubby #3.. and my inlaws dote on the Skids so the CP goes to tanning & every other little whim.. including, but not limited to gambling… no joke.

    Love the picture!

  8. All except C and D apply here, and the only reason they don't is because we pay SO GODDAM MUCH that there's plenty for a nice rental house of her own. I have never earned a salary as high as what we pay for the kids, and that doesn't count all 100% of the school fees, medical costs, orthodontics, blah blah blah that we cover.

    Though that doesn't stop her telling the kids that we “should” be buying her a house!

    (Oh yeah, because they owned nothing when they separated, but the fact that we live a crazy life of work and travel to be with the kids and made big sacrifices so we could buy a house automatically means something unfair MUST be going on…)


  9. kelly says:

    All of the above apply. Add in that she steals their coins from the plastic Easter Egg hunts WE HAVE to fund her 5 trips daily to Dunkin Donuts.

    Add in that she has demanded (tantrum) that he buy HER CHILD FROM ADULETROUS AFFAIR that broke up their marriage…just as many Christmas , Easter, & Valentine gifts, as he buys his own kids because it's not fair when they return to the house with all these “things” and there's none for her. (nice try, but…..NO!)

    Also add in that in her psycho little mind she also believes we should fund the private school tuition for that same child from adulterous affair…because it's unfair that we do so for the other kids. (again nice try, but…..NO!)

    Good Grief regarding all of the other comments as well!

  10. Crys says:

    As you may now, none of that applies to me. Although our issues are usually in the other direction. I couldn't imagine having to deal with someone who acts like that though. That would demand for at least another bottle of wine.

  11. phairhead says:

    can you take the ex to family court?

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