Halloween and Spiders

Before I met Gary and the kids, I barely paid attention to Halloween at all. I didn’t get a day off work for it, so it was basically a useless holiday to me.

One afternoon years ago, Gary pulled out the full-size skeletons and other creatures that served as Halloween decorations. We hung them up, and Gary got into a comedy routine of standing behind the skeletons, moving their arms, and making them talk to the kids, who ate it up, laughed, taunted the skeleton, and kept asking Gary to “Do it again!”

I laughed until my side hurt, watching them. Their imaginations went into overdrive, and I don’t believe anyone can trash-talk a skeleton better than this crew. I love the unhindered, free laughter of the kids when they are playing with their father and simply enjoying themselves.

Since then, every time I see a life-size skeleton, witch, or other scary figure, I think of that afternoon watching Gary and the kids laughing and having so much fun. It makes me smile.

Last year, money was tight, so the only Halloween decorations added to our home were some small ghosts that we tied to the tree in the front yard. There are 6 ghosts, one for each of us. Even though they are cheap plastic ghosts from a discount store, they are my favorite Halloween decoration because as we unearthed the decorations this year, the ghosts were the first thing the kids asked about. (Though the tarantula decals, positioned strategically on the bathroom mirror, had the most entertainment value for the kids’ dramatic reactions when they spotted hairy spiders as large as their hand poised on the mirror.)

I have never drooled over gigantic ghouls, witches, or ghosts…until now. I have never pictured the house draped in fake spider webbing or wondered how many tombstones it would take to fill the front yard…until now. Fake body parts, skulls, and simulated open wounds have held no fascination for me…until now.

I have definitely learned a love of Halloween from Gary and the kids. Now if only they can learn a love of all things spider-y from me, so I can bring home this little cutie:


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4 Responses to Halloween and Spiders

  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like its turned into a great holiday for your family!

    Hope y'all have a great Halloween this year!

  2. i LOVE Halloween.. always have.. always will!!
    so glad gary and the kids turned it around for ya!!

  3. My dad used to do that exact same thing with skeletons!! I remember that well, and used to love watching him do it. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I think it is that way because of the fun we used to have as a family. I would love to have the son with us one year for Halloween, I think it would be a blast. I need to get my decorations out!! Thanks for the reminder.
    Happy Halloween!!

  4. macocha says:

    Halloween is my favorite time of year, as is the Fall!!! I am glad you are coming to enjoy it and I loved your story 🙂

    We used to have a skeleton hang from the hanging light over our front door until it fell apart…lol

    pretty funny!

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