If You’re Going to Lie, Can You Do It Intelligently?

Why is it that if a person lies frequently enough, they seem to believe that the common sense, intellect, and critical thinking skills of those to whom they spoon-feed their endless buffet of lies are permanently depleted?

Nearly a year ago, Gary was told rather plainly that the kids no longer participate in the choir at their church. Simple enough to understand, eh?

About two months ago, however, Gary received a request to interrupt his weekend with the kids to drive them back to Hickville (over an hour away) so the kids could be in a musical they’ve been practicing for…with the choir at their church!

Well now…how are the kids possibly singing in a musical with a choir they are not part of?

It gets better. Once this individual was reminded of how the kids supposedly are not in choir, the story changed yet again.

“Wait a minute! I got caught signing the kids up (again) for events during their time with you without your consent or without you even knowing a thing about it because the kids were told to lie to you? Heh heh, oh, what a mix-up. Did I say choir? Whatever was flitting through my lil ‘ol head? ‘Cuz the kids are NOT in choir! Yep, that’s what I said. Ignore the multiple emails where I said the kids are in choir and practicing for a musical and that you have to drive ’em back to this hellhole of a town for the musical…what I meant was they are not in choir at all! And there is no musical! Of course! That makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it? Choir? What choir?”

Or something like that. I don’t pretend to really know what actually drifts like wayward smoke through a chronic liar’s vacuous, spider-webby trashcan of a mind when caught in a lie…again. And again.

It is almost comical how a perpetual liar falsely assumes everyone else is as witless as they are.

Almost. If it wasn’t so damn ridiculously pathetic…and if the kids weren’t dragged into the lying game and expected to play along.

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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7 Responses to If You’re Going to Lie, Can You Do It Intelligently?

  1. Gotta love the insanity of it all. This is why we save all of our emails… I love to quote things and then follow it up with “Were you lying then, or are you lying now?”

  2. Crys says:

    “It is almost comical how a perpetual liar falsely assumes everyone else is as witless as they are.”

    That comment reminds me completely of the boys' mom. I'm not sure if she's ever asked/told the boys to lie to us, and if she has then they're no good at it because they tell us all kinds of things.

  3. Amy says:

    I get so sick of manipulative liars. And then they want you to have the kids lie too. What a great role model these fools are right? NOT

  4. wow..

  5. This is exactly why we keep every text message and every email, PEG does this EXACT same thing. Hilarious when you can forward an email where she agreed or told us to do something, then when we did it, she told us not to EVER decide things for her, so we sent the email where she told us to, and she just went around in a circle about it, and how it was a bad idea to listen to her last email…haha. INSANE…..terrible…..stupid….insanity.

  6. I will offer you this – when those kids become teenagers, their mom's life will be a living hell. Our kid is so incredible angry at his mother for all the time he was deprived of his father…so angry. He doesn't even want to look at his mom anymore and she's flailing, helpless. She created this monster.
    The bad news is that the aftershock is painful for everyone.

  7. ADON says:

    Yes very familiar with needing to use the truth against the crazy makers and I do believe they think they are so clever we will believe the crap that flows from their mouths at a moments notice!

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