Hockey Gods

This morning, I offer up my eternal thanks to the merciful hockey gods who made me forget the Lightning were playing last night. After watching Marty St. Louis fire a shot in overtime the night before to beat the Capitals 1-0, I would have been optimistic and hopeful for another victory last night.

I would have been crushed beyond recognition, much like my team was. The Penguins chewed them up, spit them out, and played hackey-sack with my team’s asses last night, until the conclusion of the third period finally put an end to the tortorous agony with a grisly, final score of 8-1.

The most points ever scored by an NHL team is 16 (accomplished by Montreal in 1920), so at least this wasn’t a record-setting defeat against my team. (For the record, no, I didn’t just make up that fascinating bit of trivia. Check out my source here: What’s the Highest Scoring Game in NHL History?)

See, reading my blog makes you just a little bit smarter.

Luckily, the Lightning don’t play again until Saturday. This gives them ample time to lick their wounds, find their pride, alter their appearances so no one recognizes them in public as the team that lost by 7 points last night, and obviously…PRACTICE.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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