Police Lights

After a weekend that flew by at ludicrous speed (a Spaceballs reference, in case your movie tastes do not lean toward the ridiculous), Gary and I dropped the kids off at the Hickville jail, the quaint and oh-so-child-friendly meeting place the court decided upon when Gary’s ex and her father thought it would be a stellar idea to behave like trailer park lunatics in front of the kids during drop-offs.

Sunflower and Bear had a hard time saying good-bye, so Gary hugged them and joked with them in the parking lot, trying to cheer them up. It turned into an impromptu stand-up wrestling match.

A police officer was sitting in his car parked a few rows away, facing us. While Bear and Sunflower leapt all over Gary, playing, Gary jokingly turned to the police officer and pointed to the kids attached like Velcro monkeys to his sides and his back. The police officer flipped on the car’s headlights, then the bright light on top of the car, and beamed the lights directly at the kids.

The look on their faces was priceless. Both Bear and Sunflower froze for just a second, and their eyes grew large at the prospect of their imminent arrests. Then Gary and I started laughing, and they relaxed and laughed too. After they were certain they were not destined for cell block living, they tried catching the police officer’s attention too and pointing to their daddy, but the joke was apparently a one-time offer.

It was a good weekend, but hearing the kids cry when it is time to leave has never gotten easier. I would love for Gary’s ex, her parents, and every lawyer and judge involved in forcing this arrangement onto the kids to have to sit in our living room and hear the kids cry when it is time to leave their father. And I’d love to hear each of their explanations of how this is honestly best for the kids.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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6 Responses to Police Lights

  1. Amy says:

    Hopefully as time goes on, the courts will see fit to turn the kids over to you and Gary where they can have more stability. And eventually, they'll be old enough to make that decision on their own. And “she* won't have a say.

    I imagine she'll hate it when the kids show her how much they resent what she's tried to do to them and choose to move out. *evil laugh*

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    Unfortunately, the kids have been so brainwashed and lied to so frequently, they don't know which end is up. I'm not sure they have any idea what is true, what is reality, and what is not. They have lived with lies and manipulation so long, I truly believe they accept lies and manipulation as normal by now.

  3. Megan says:

    I hear ya, having to deal with those tears is never as easy thing. It just kills you because no child should have to go through that. Makes me sad what parents are willing to put their children through. It just isn't right.
    Glad you had a good visit, and I am sure they are looking forward to seeing you both again soon.

  4. Cop story = adorable! I can only imagine their little faces!
    I'm so sorry for the tears…we still get it sometimes and the kid is 14 (today!). I can't imagine dealing with that x 4.
    Sending you strength, and hoping that soon enough the will of those kids will be heard.

  5. Crys says:

    How sad for them. But that was really nice of the police officer to play along with Gary. I'm happy that despite the so *child-friendly* drop off location they can still have a sort of fun time with their dad.

  6. i feel so for those kids… who have no idea of fact – fiction – or lies…

    but i always say.. everyone's day comes, it might be later rather than sooner… but one day it will

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