When I was little, my three brothers and I had to be literally on our death beds to get a day off school.  My mother was a teacher who took her job seriously (both the teacher part and the mother part), and she told us, “Your full-time job is going to school and getting an education.”

I don’t remember being in the doctor’s office for anything but general check-ups, and at most, we took cough drops here and there on rare occasion.  We were almost never sick, we were active, and we were plenty healthy enough to stir up trouble and keep my mother busy (lucky her).

That is why it is so puzzling to me that, at least once a week, Gary is informed that one or more of the kids is home sick, after a trip to the doctor that yielded yet another prescription.  Most weekends the kids come home, they are lugging plastic bottles of medicine and instructions for how to administer this latest round. 

The puzzling part is not just that Gary is actually informed of anything, though that in itself does cause heart palpitations for its rarity.  I don’t understand how these children are supposedly sick on a non-stop basis, playing musical sick bed, rotating through the role of sick kid like clockwork.  Just how many times a month should a child be loaded up with antibiotics?  Bah, who’s worried about that silly antibiotic resistance mumbo-jumbo from fools like the Mayo Clinic, anyway?

The recent emergency room scam after Sunflower’s bike wreck left me even more dubious that the children are genuinely ill, this frequently.  At the very least, it has to make any intelligent person wonder what the hell is going on.

Then again, a steady diet of McDonald’s and TV-as-babysitter doesn’t exactly pump up the immune system, either.  It seems convenient that someone gets yet another day off work every time one of the kids is “sick”.  Forcing a child to miss days of school seems extreme just to get a vacation day to spend stalking me online instead of actually caring for the so-called sick child, but then again, I have seen the kids used for far worse things already.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Sicko

  1. Amy says:

    Do you ever worry about munchausen by proxy? Gary's ex seems to be the type that is sickly psychotic enough to make the kids sick just for the attention (or vacation day).

    Of course, like you said, solid diet of fast food and tv isn't conducive to good health either.

  2. i agree with what amy said… our situation tends toward the same, and i'm like- seriously, whenever we have jake he seems HEALTHY AS A HORSE… but to ask his mom there is a LIST OF AILMENTS wrong with him… it really really really worries and confounds me BIG TIME… honestly though, i think a HUGE part of it might have something to do with attention- you know, HER getting it!!!

    who knows!!
    have a great wkend!!

  3. My Mom was the same way. You had to either be puking or have a fever to get out of school.

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