A Neat Desk

Last week, I was sitting in a currently vacant office at work, updating the computer, when I heard my boss calling out from my office: “Is Smirking Cat here?  Did she leave for the day?”

I leaned back in the chair and called out to her that I was in the empty office.  She must not have heard me, because I heard her ask again if I had gone somewhere.  I was just standing up to go to the door and let her know where I was, when I heard her mutter to herself, “Her office is just too neat…no one’s office should be this neat.”

I have heard the saying, “A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.”  It strikes me as the sour words of someone who can’t keep things organized!  My desk is almost always neat, save for the frustrated moments I have folders, papers, notebooks, and documents spread across from end to end and can’t find my pen.  (I am not only obsessive-compulsive about keeping my office neat, I am also extremely particular about the pens I use.  Cheap stick pens and gel pens need not apply.)

My work day can be very hectic, shifting gears multiple times with little to no warning, juggling many tasks and roles at the same time.  I can’t imagine trying to operate in a rat hole mess of an office when things are confusing enough already.

I get teased a lot about my neat desk and my tidy office.  At a previous job, a smartass co-worker deliberately messed up my desk while I was at lunch, and I nearly had cardiac arrest when I returned and saw the chaos that once was pristine bliss. (His payback was decorating his desk and walls with the cheesiest Elvis Presley pictures I could find.)

I can’t stand a messy desk, car, or home.  Every time one of the kids can’t find a book or toy, I can’t help but remind them that if they had put it back where they found it, they would know exactly where it was.  Then again, apparently most adults don’t grasp that concept either.  Maybe I should just teach the kids to be messy to their heart’s content, and counteract it by making fun of organized, tidy people, like my co-workers do to me!

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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